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I used to be an bully. Now i highly regret it. I am sorry for my english i am czech.


First day of school was boring. But then some girl came. She looked skinny and everyone started to make fun of her. I made fun of her too. Then on lunch break we took her to bathrooms and pushed her head into the toilet. She started to cry, it was funny for all of us.


I was going to trick or treat with my friends. we then came across amy's house. We talked about how we could make fun of her. There is our conversasion

me: guys this is going to be so fucking good lmao

friend 1: ikr amy is such a loser

friend 2: let's suprise her *laughs*

her door was open. Kinda suprising, we heard her crying upstairs. When she checked what is going on she looked weird. Not normal person with normal life. JUST WEIRD. We said: trick or treat


Then we saw knife in her hand. We got creaped out.

We tried to run but doors were locked. Then amy ran downstairs and she stabbed daniel (friend 1) i had to hide. I heard Tory (friend 2) scream, i heard alot of things falling off so she was probably in the kitchen. I tried to find keys everywhere. But they were nowhere to be found. I saw tory running. After that i saw knife in her. Then amy found me. I screamed. Police arrived. tory most likely called them. They knocked doors off and got Amy. I was in shock and i was shaking for few hours after that. Creepy experience