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IMPORTANT: Warnings and ban notices for violating Discussions rules are issued on users' talk pages. You are responsible for checking your wiki notifications for talk page warnings.

1. First and foremost, all general rules of this wiki extend to Discussions. This includes the minimum age requirement as well as the rule against blogicles. You must read all the wiki rules before posting here.

2. Do not post full-text stories in Discussions, including OC stories and fan fiction. These are considered blogicles and will be subject to the same warnings and bans as posting a blogicle anywhere else on the wiki.

3. Do not use Discussions as a chat or direct message feature. If you want to hit someone up just to talk, use their talk page.

4. No roleplaying. Roleplay includes but is not limited to pretending fictional creepypastas are real, pretending to be in a creepypasta, ARGs, or claiming to have summoned a creepypasta entity.

This rule also covers posts asking if certain obviously fake stories are real. Even if you are genuinely asking, answering in the affirmative would cause another user to transgress the roleplay rule, thus such posts will be deleted for inviting roleplay.

5. Art and fanart is allowed, but must be in good taste. Posts containing gore, nudity, etc. will be deleted, as will any posts that violate the Fandom terms and conditions.

6. Art must be the work of the poster and not taken from another website, blog, or source.

7. Posts that have nothing to do with creepypasta are allowed under caution, but will be monitored more closely than on-topic posts.

8. Polls must NOT ask anything similar to the following:

Who would win in a fight?
Who is hotter?
Who is scarier?
Who is better/which character do you prefer?
Do you like X?
Should I post my OC?
Should I post my fanart?
Should I write a story?
What story should I write?
Should I do X?
Who do you ship?