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Eïleen Jamson was a pretty girl bleu eyes, Brown haire,she's 17 years old she's a fan of Nina The Killer , Eïleen always call her little sister my dear her sister name Jessica , she have bleu eyes ,black haire

Eïleen was walking at night alone wen she saw a black man laughing. Eïleen is afraide runing back home, acting like nothing happen, she go back to her home and fell sleep on her bed, she wake up she dress a red sweatshirt and black skirt, the next day Eïleen and her sister walking in the new school Eïleen make friends Jenna and Kelly, evrybody love her she's smart, pretty and nice but a girl name Diana. She have a blinde haire and bleu eyes , jealous , evil, worst personne, Diana hate defenetly Eïleen .

In class miss.Nissam the worst Teacher who every students hate , blame Eïleen , she say that dhe have to stop acting beign like a prencesse and this is a school(...) Diana explose laughing ,can't stop laugh, but she did'int care .

One mouth later, Diana get mad and jealous, cause Eïleen have more friends and be populare ,Diana can't supporte this so at night Diana follow Eïleen and dhe take off her knife and she make scars , ruinning her face alot of blood on her face.

Diana thougt she kille Eïleen so she run faster that she can.

Eïleen wake up found her self in the hispital , her mother crying and her sister afraide ,

at home Eïleen run in the bathroom she look her self in the bathroom, the she lost her minde, she did'int stop laughing, then she run in the kitchen she grabe a knife and she cuter off her mouth and she simile , she go in her parents room and killed them, next in her sister room , she site in her bed and she say 'go to sleep,my dear" and killed sis

She run out of her house crying and smile , then she saw again the black man laughing he keep laughing Eïleen run and run and run , then she saw Diana walking Eïleen punch

Diana face , she say "go to sleep, my dear" and killed her.

Eïleen The Killer or Eïleen Jamson is a fan of a creepypasta who is Nina The Killer (before) she's no in love white her.

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