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Dark Moon -

 Name and Surname - Alicia Polica.

 Nickname - Dark Moon.

 Age - between 20 and 25 years old.

 Height - 1m60.

 Birthday - Sep 17, 1997.

 Sexuality - Heterosexual

 Nationality - Franglo - American.

 Places of birth - France.

 Weapons - circular saw.

 Religion - Wica.

 Dreams - Purge the world of humans.

 Illness - Post-traumatic stress, schizophrenia

 Scar - No scars.

 Treatment - anti psychotic.

 Bad habit - constantly eating, watching too much manga.

 Language - French, English, Japanese, Korean.

 Special feature - Witch (black).

 Likes - Asian pop culture, manga.

 Hate - Humans.

 Default - not so believable with others.

 Fears - witch hunters.

 Quality - Are really loyal.

 Crush - XVirus

 Enemies - Zalgo and the Ch

 Physical appearance - mixed race, curly brown hair, brown eyes.


 Clothing - soft gothic, chokers with the proxy symbol, and a necklace representing his religion

 Character - Alice is a credible killer when she kills someone.  But she loses all her credibility with her friends and especially with XVirus.

 Weakness - The Law of 3 Times, and Magic

 Family - both parents are alive, she has a twin sister and an older brother.

 Friends - Ben Drowned.

 Strength - 2/10

 Loyalty - 9/10

 Team spirit - 10/10

 Flexibility - 5/10

 Type of combat - close range (with his circular saw) and ranged (with magic)

 Story - She always knew humans were bad, and with the help of her twin sister, she decided to purify her world.  She was being insulted, hit, and hated by humans, being a witch, her role is to protect humans, but she had had enough, she was tired of playing the good girl.  On the evening of October 13, they bring together some magic items, including ritual material.  They go to the small forest near their home, they find a clearing, and they begin their ritual.  While the two sisters were focused, Silent felt a presence behind her back, not daring to turn around, she just took her sister's hand and squeezed it gently.  Realizing that he was either a moron or the faceless man, they continued without batting an eyelid, though deep inside they were in complete panic.  Then as pat noises approached them, a static sound was heard.  And they collapsed.  They wake up in a panic, but they quickly realize that they are no longer in the real world.  Everything seemed blurry, abstract.  As she explored the place that looked like their homes, Dark Moon found their cat's dead body, Calling Midnight.  And she saw herself, next to the corpse, covered in blood, but she couldn't make out whether it was the blood of the animal or her own.  Or worse, that of his sister.  She pulled back slowly, and took her sister's hand, before realizing it was a man's hand.  She looked at the man, realizing who he was, and she fled, panicking, screaming her sister's name.  they end up bumping into each other, and they run away, finally they try.

 The two young women find themselves trapped against a wall, impossible for her to escape.  And the man pulled out his knife, his black and white female mask threw himself at Dark Moon, carving the Proxy symbol on the young woman's right shoulder.  Then he threw himself on Silent, and engraved the symbol in his turn.  Then the scenery changes, and they find themselves in the woods, looking for something or ... someone.  They knew they shouldn't touch the pages under any conditions.  And the nightmares follow one another, as if they were tests.  And each time, more or less, they pass the tests.  And finally, they find themselves in front of their brothers, Mike, he was tied to a chair, gagged.  The sisters had a choice, kill him or spare him.  And, Silent, seized with a fit of schizophrenia, she savagely killed her older brother, without the slightest remorse.  And Dark Moon, seeing the blood, laughed with his sister.  The two sisters hug each other, gradually calming down.

 As they wake up, well they think they are awake, but they were bound to kill, in front of their older brother.  So they look at Mike, and Silent realizes she was tied up.  And Dark Moon she was also attached, but she was still in the vape.  Mike tells them

 Mike - “You had a seizure.  And you killed the cat.  Did you take your medication?  “

 S.W - “No… we don't give a fuck.  Because since our schizophrenia it's declared, you have let us down!  Apart from forcing us to spend days in a psychiatric hospital, forcing us to take medication, forcing us to protect humans, you don't do anything for us anymore!  Already when I was declared autistic, you saw me as a FUCKING heartless monster!  “

 Mike said nothing and approached growling.  Then he took out some pills and forced her to swallow them.

 Mike - “there you go and yes you are a heartless monster“

 But as Silent was about to reply with insults, Dark Moon straightened up, and said in a cold voice.

 Dark Moon - "this is the last Alysée test ... more than passing it"

 Silent Walker - "Yeah ... He made me take my fucking pills"

 Dark Moon laughed, a psychopathic, deranged, manic laugh.  And Silent laughed with his sister.  Then Silent growled like a rabid wolf, and his eyes were wide, with a glint of madness.  And she started to change, she turned into a wolf.  She lowered her head, and when she lifted it, it was a wolf face staring at Mike.  And the older brother pulled out a pistol, his service pistol.  And he shot Silent into their hearts.  And Silent collapsed.

 To be continued