Wiki Creepypasta

"I am dead killed by a creepypasta."

-Quote from Shiro

"do you need help hun?"

-common phrase from Shiro

"can i play with your body?"

-last phrase you will hear from Shiro

Shiro was created by Melodie, Aka Shiro Zodiac.

She is not known for now -05/11/2020

Her Origin:

Shiro was a 11 yrs old depressed child that loved horror things, mostly creepypasta. But one day Puppeteer killed her, and the became a roaming spirit until she found an abandonned house, she is very pranky tho. she is Zalgo's daughter.

She feed herself of meat, hearts, extremly sugary things and blood, she is still angry at puppeteer for what he did and she steal a lot of things from the creepypasta, she is lovely when you get to know her, but betray her and you are a dead man. she had a girlfriend and after her death she had a crush on pup even tho she hate him.... MaryLou alway come to the wood to cry cause it makes her think of Shiro, Shiro always come to comfort her old GF and tell her she is fine!


Shiro is tall, she is now 18 from her death and she is a half-fox half-bunny half-human, she always wear a short and rainbow bunny sock, she has a hoodie and her weapon is a scythe. she has eyes that is purple with pink points in it and an red eye that she sewed to herself, she has 3 pair of bunny ears a tail and she can fly without wings


As Melodie Thiaville, she didn't care much about anything and was not pranky too much

As Shiro, She is very pranky still, she dont care much and she care only about her victims.

Method of killing:

She first become friend with her victims, then she bring them in the wood, then she tell them she has some thing to go get and she get behind them to kill them easily with her scythe, when their victim are depressed, that's when she become the "String breaker" to stop Pup from taking her victims. she can break pup's string and litterally tell him to get the hell outta here

Reason of killing:

She does not have a particuliar reason... she does this for fun! and to unstress

Power and abilities:

she can become an giant animal that is extremly big (when she is EXTREMLY angry) to protect or kill someone, otherwize she just can just change her weapon and clothes/armor

She is fast cause if her victims are also fast, that would be a shame losing em, her "stringsythe" as she calls it, is only made to destroy puppeteer's strings. If she fails to break Puppeteer's string or he catch her, she wiill feel an extremly painful sensation, her scythe is made with her energy, and she said that she would break his strings forever.


-Puppeteer string catching her or pup touching her with his own hands

-thinking of the past

-organs: it exites her alot, she loves organs too much, mostly hearts

-the sun, she hates it


Shiro was created by Shiro Zodiac

She was 11 before dying

Her birthday is 04/03

She dies the day of her birthday (what a shame-)

She is a lonely person, she need attention bro

She can posess dead body's for a limited time

When she first met pup in her after life she stabbed him telling him she hates him

when she killed her first person, she felt good, and so she continued

She can teleport and fly, she likes to fly more doe.

Rumors say she has a crush on The Puppeteer


She does not really have a theme song but what describe her the most would be

Happy Pills, By Weather:

And Redemtion, By Besomorph and Coopex:

And also, i cant put ANY image, so here what she look like

Full name: Melodie Thiaville

Alias: Shiro, The string breaker.


-MaryL (Old GF)

-Karine (mother)


-Dorian (brother)


-student (when she was alive)

-killer for fun (now)


Weapon,armor and clothes change



Status: Spirit

Species: Hybrid, Spirt and Human

Gender: Female

Hobby: Drawing and video game

Goal: keep on destroying Puppeteer's string's

Type of pasta: deadly pranky spirit