Wiki Creepypasta

Name and first name - Alysée Polica

Nickname - Silent Walker.

Age - 20 - 25 years old

Height - 1m54

Birthday - Sep 17, 1997

Sexuality - Lesbian

Nationality - Franglo - American

Weapons - baseball bats

Religion - Wica

Dream - Purge the human world with her sister.

Illness - High level autism, schizophrenia.

Scars - Huge scars on the heart.

Treatment - anti psychotics

Bad habit - protect sister too much.

Language - French and English

Particularity - metamorphosis into a wolf

Likes - His sister

Hate - men

Default - Over guard

Fear - that his sister will die

Quality - loyal

Crush - nurse Ann

Enemies - Zalgo and the CH

Temperament - Silent Walker is a cold, distant, and socially awkward person. She has high level autism, paranoid schizophrenia and she is also very self-effacing. When you get to know her, she is loyal, sensitive but also deceitful and very manipulative.

Weakness - his sister's eyes

Family - Alice Polica (Dark Moon)

Friend - Lj

Strength - 3/10

Loyalty -10/10

Team spirit - 2/10

Flexibility - 4/10

Type of combat - close quarters

History -

When suddenly, the young woman started to change. She took on the appearance of a huge black wolf, with a white crescent moon on her forehead. The chains give way under the pressure, and she stands up. She had taken a good two meters. She then threw herself at Mike, and she tried to tear him to pieces, but the older brother stabbed her hard in the heart, and she collapsed. As Mike approached Dark Moon he said

Mike - “I'm here to help you… to help Alice. I'm sorry I hurt Alysée. “

Dark Moon stared at his sister's body, which was still in wolf form, and she realized that her sister, her sister whom she loved more than anything, was still alive. And in Silent, just as his name implied, the wolf stood up and pounced on Mike, biting his neck and scratching his back. And once Mike died, Alysée resumed her human appearance, before taking the keys and freeing her sister. Then they cry together, hugging each other. Then a young man walked in, it was X-Virus. The two sisters get their masks back, and they get up, before the three young people run out. The young people end up arriving in the forest, the police not very far behind them. The police were enraged at the murder of their colleagues.

Then as the police corner the two sisters against a wall, they shoot, and the two sisters wake up startling and screaming. They look at each other and Alysée comes to snuggle up against her sister, and the two cry in silence for a good 10 minutes. They realize something, that this dream may have been premonitory, and panicked, they look at their respective shoulders, and find… the Proxy symbol. Silent had it on the left shoulder and Dark Moon had it on the right shoulder. How to freeze in time, they look at each other completely panicking but also happy. The ritual they had performed the day before in the forest near their home had worked. Then they realize something else, they will have to prove themselves. So she dresses, in the outfits they had carefully chosen and stored under their beds, take their respective weapons, and by the time their parents come back from duty at the hospital, they were already far away. They eventually leave for the center of their forest, they take each other's hands and close their eyes, knowing that their new bosses don't like being looked in the eye. They feel lifted up, and something gooey stroked their cheeks, one after the other. Then he said

Slender Man - “You can open your eyes my Proxy. “

A little intimidated they open their eyes, and they look at him, and they say

Dark Moon & Silent Walker - “Hello master“