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She appears in the juke box

Sister Lucy in game

Sister Lucy attacking the victim

Sister Lucy's appearance

Sister Lucy's full appearance


All start with a player doing their normal routine ( like we all do on Minecraft ) but later, they discovered a disc named " Sister Lucy ". They tried to take a look on the disc. At first, it's was boring so the player decided to listen to the music later. BUT! It's wasn't a normal disc like others, the player haven't noticed that instead of " now playing " it said " now summoning ". Of course, they was finishing the tunnel UNTIL the disc played itself. The player was getting scared then Sister Lucy said: " I'm coming for you ". The nun found the player and later, they decided to delete their Minecraft world.

Any mod for summoning her?[]

We don't know if there is a mod for her.

But there's a link to listen the disc. Link in the video!

Things To Keep In Mind...[]

- The disc has mostly the red colour. If never you see one, be careful if you want to listen to the disc... You are summoning Sister Lucy.

- Sister Lucy is just a CREEPYPASTA! Which it's a just a story.

- When you listen to the disc, you might notice the " Now summoning Sister Lucy... " if you look carefully.

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Minecraft CREEPYPASTA- Sister Lucy

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