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A letter to someone I know.[]

Dear friend, read the letter carefully as I have something important to tell you. I'm going to create something out of nothing, to go into a venture that I would never have convinced myself if it weren't for a certain person. You probably don't know her, so I'm not going to get into it, so. Let's get back to the heart of the matter. You've probably heard of human interference in the lives of others, right? The supreme one controls our fate, guides us. It gives us directions that we must absolutely follow. I decided to change it, from now on they will all be free people, I will refute these theories where the higher being sits on the throne and stares at us thinking what will happen to us again, standing up goes to the wheel of fortune, which after a while full circle, and we land with tears on the ground. It won't be like this anymore, I promise you ... my friend.

I hope that we will meet one day

Your dearest friend.

A letter to someone i hate[]

If you're here, does that mean you want to know what's screeching in the grass? Which did not? Exactly what is happening. Overall, it's nothing interesting, except that our creator is a traitor, he hates our lives. Trying to finish us off, I found it out by doing research for hours. And I found out something interesting, there is no god in a dream, none. And I repeat this, NO being controls us. So I decided to fall asleep and do what I like, because I'm sick of it. You know, I would see you as dust in a poor urn, that's what I wish for, and you know that you can do anything in a dream, don't you?

We won't see you again, goodbye.

Your dearest enemy.

A letter to someone i want to see[]