Wiki Creepypasta

I want to share something that happened with me while in the coronavirus quarentine.

I was playing Minecraft 1.5.1 in my computer, I was also in a jungle near the sea when i found a steve far away, and said - 'do you need help' - I replied - "no, thx" - but i started to think - " huh, thats weird, this is a singleplayer!" - then, the steve said - "do you need help?" - i decided to ban him from the server, but it didn´t work, i tried 11 times exactly, and it still didn´t work, i then tried to exit the game but it didn´t work again, then i turned my computer off, after that, i went to sleep, since it was late, i had a dream where i was in the sea trapped, while hearing the words - "YOU DO NEED HELP" - While also hearing unitelligible whispering, i woke up imediately. I after that deleted the Minecraft world, but, my PC broke beyond repair.


I wish i never played minecraft 1.5.1 .

This is my first creepypasta, so i understand if its bad. So sorry! :^)