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Bus 4510

This is the 1st Creepypasta made in Brazil in 2017, set in the city of São Paulo, Story based mainly on the episode and documentary Bus 174 and Bruno Barreto's film Last Stop 174, and was written by Gilberson Ganti and Fausto Miriam published on the blog " RedKombo ".

The story said that it tells stories about the Childhood of William Alan do Tarcísio, who was born in the city of Xique-Xique in Bahia in 1973, when his family decided to move to São Paulo in 1989. It was then when he was 16 years old, his parents were killed by 4 bandits, in the Pinheiros neighborhood. William finds a small hut, and there he sees his parents hanging in the air, by their organs they had their guts coming out, full of blood, William was terrified with that, he began to sob seeing the scene he saw.

A few moments later, William married Cibele Marina do Tarcisio, and had 4 children. alcohol and lighter. The police realize what he had done, but William kills a police officer with a knife, beating him in the stomach, blood pouring out.

The crime[]

And years later, William had quarreled with his wife, in which she was cheating on him with another, after he enters a dark room, it seems to be a child's room, he finds a paper on the bed, saying: " Body found dead in the corner of the room, he was 21 years old, the cause of death was with hanging, and no sign of physical struggle. ” After that, William leaves this house, so he goes back to his mission of how his parents were killed in 91 can remember that several years ago he decided to get on the 4510 bus, William enters the front door, jumping over the turnstile, and the conductor thought it was strange, a passenger sees the man on the side with a gun, and goes down through the door of the front, and goes to a police car across the street.

The young man said to the police: - " There's a guy with a gun inside that bus" . And the policeman said, "that one over there?" "That one!"

The police chase the bus, and after 25 minutes, at the entrance to the Terminal, the bus is stopped by the police, saying that there is an armed man.

And already that, the driver, the conductor and the passengers fled jumping out the window, only 13 passengers were inside the bus, the hijacker wakes up and looks at the police outside the bus, then the bus was stopped instantly.

Armed, William held all 13 passengers hostage. starts shouting to the police: William: - This is serious business mermao, the police: - "let go of this passenger, and let's put things together" William: "I don't care, these 13 will die now, in front of you! "

Afterwards, he picks up some female passengers, and forces a man to help him, but they can't make the bus go.

William is still threatening them, but then he asked that he wants a car, some pistols, some guns and a cannon so he can escape, but the police won't respond.

After 2 hours, William shoots to the ground.

Angry, William puts the gun into Alex's mouth, near his throat, then starts the Screams of Horror inside the bus, and despair begins. William spanks Alex's arm and blood comes out. And is still thrown to the ground by William.

William doesn't give up, walks back on the bus with Alex, another passenger was removed, suddenly, William opened the door, and got off the bus hugging Alex, And the policeman outside try to convince William to surrender, 4 soldiers who were by the side of the Bus, approach and shoot at William. William and Alex fell in each other's arms, the passenger who was fainting, stands up and surprises the others, applauding. Alex is taken prisoner to the Hospital, And William gets into the police car and is taken to the police station, where he was arrested and managed to escape a year later.

William's death[]

William was found Dead in an Empty Hut, where his Parents Died, His Body was disfigured: His eyes were torn out, his guts were pulled out and his belly had been sewn up, plus two cuts in the neck, His grave is now in the place protected by the government of sao paulo, and this place was where he died, to this day nobody has entered that tomb, you can only enter if you ask for permission from the government.


This is the history bus.