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Some time ago I was on eBay, I was looking for a Sonic game, then I found a game called "Sonic 4 ", with Zalgo text, I though this was a little strange, but still bought it.

The conversation is on the right side as you can see and I edited it so it fits one screen.

I edited so it can fit in one screen.

I ordered it on January 7th 2020, and it came on February 9th, the cartridge is what looks like a normal Sonic 3 cartridges, whoever, instead of sonic 3, it said "sonic 4" with Zalgo text instead. After some time, I tried contacting the seller again, but he would never answer me.

When I came back home, I decided to play it, and I'm going to say, It wasn't worth it.

The game started with the classic "SEGA", but the title screen was different from the normal one: Instead of the Sonic 3 title screen, it said "SONIC 666", while playing the game, I noticed it looked like a normal hacked game, and the seller just pranked me, so I decided to record it. I think I played the game for 2 hours. When I was ready to edit the video, I realized the video was corrupted, so I played it again, whoever, when I was playing the game again, at Angel Island Zone ACT 2, the boss was not there, it was just the waterfall, Sonic and Tails. I called some friends over for a sleepover yesterday (February 26th), when we were about to sleep, one of my friends, called David noticed the cartridge, and asked me what that was, so I decided to play that game for a third time, I explained what happened when I tried to record it, and they continued watching me playing.

While I was playing the game, I heard some knocking on the door, David decided to check the door, the door was knocking until he opened the door, when opened it, we heard something like Sonic running sound. We thought it was just my brother trying to scare me, so David came back. During the final boss battle, it was around 1:07 AM, when I defeated Robotnik, the power went out, it was just a temporary loss of energy, as it came back around 30 seconds later. One of my friends had Nyctophobia, and he screamed, my mom came and asked what happened, luckily we pretended to sleep fast enough before she came.

I woke up to some static on the TV, and David was there, I tried to get his attention, but he would only stare at the TV, like something was there, I woke up the other boys and they tought it was just a prank from him, but when I tried talking with David, he looked at me and said:"Please follow me, I have something to show you that will make you very surprised". His voice was creppy, like he was trying to scare me, when I followed him, we got in the bathroom, he got some paper, and wrote at the paper: "O genllysg Sonic, ein duw a fydd yn ein dinistrio os na weddïwn". I asked what that meant, he ignored me, then he closed all windows, and switched off the light, he counted to 20, and he turned it back, but something strange happened, the paper was with the message: Yes, David is right", and my name was on the paper, but David was holding both of my hands at the same time, then I heard some laugh similar to Sonic.exe laugh, but that was probably from the other boys at the other side of the door. I tried to go away, and I made it, I got on the TV, and I was ready to destroy that game, I got the hammer, and when I was ready to break it, I heard "Oh no, you should not do that, or else you'll see what happens...", I didn't care about it, and destroyed it anyway.

David then came to my room, and asked me why I destroyed the game, I lied, saying that this game was making weird noises when I was sleeping.

Some days later, I got some mail, and it was a note, which said "Dear (my name), I noticed you destroyed my game, but remember, I was not on this game together, I was out of it since I possessed David, and I'm free, you better not ignore it..."

I tried contacting the seller, and this time I had some messages, it said: "Well, you finally looked back for the seller, didn't you? You should know I already killed him...", "I see your face is very scared, why don't you look at the window of your room?", I saw a blue thing at the window. I'm not sure what that was, and who messaged me, maybe the seller was pretending to be someone else, but what about my friend?