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The Phantom is one of those beings and spirits that possess and control the mind of people. In general, this being greatly affects the personality of the person whose body it has chosen to carry out its duties, even outside of possession (i.e. when the being is absent from the host's body).

How can you tell if a person is possessed by a Phantom? Very simply:

- A person sometimes has gaps in memory (he/she can't remember/can't recall even recent events);

- The bearer of this creature has very frequent insomnia, bruises under the eyes;

- the Phantom bearer shows signs of self-harm on the body;

- the Phantom bearer becomes aggressive, impatient, gloomy towards those around him.

As for the bodies the Phantom chooses to possess The Phantom likes to choose bodies of teenagers and people around 20-35 years of age.

The Phantom does not change its owners daily, weekly or annually. The creature changes its host body every 10-15 years, it's up to the spirit itself to decide.

Some facts:

• The Phantom is not too dangerous a creature, but it can't be considered safe and harmless either. This spirit is capable of both petty shenanigans and major crimes (murder, theft, fires, etc.);

• The Phantom also has a real form - the author of this creature even showed this form: a white cat crossed with a bag and a snake (photo).

• It is impossible to state where the Phantom came from and/or as a result of which it appeared.

• This spirit is about 500 years old.

• The creature, like all sentient beings, has weaknesses: bright lights (especially streetlights), crowded places (stores, malls, parks, etc.), noise from other people; and strengths: dark spaces (rooms with dim lights, basements, abandoned buildings at night), weapons (mostly knives), silence and long monologues with victims before killing.

• The phantom will not possess people who have already had problems with the law, for him such people will be meaningless and dry in feeling.   

• This spirit has no illnesses, no gender identity (male, female, transgender, etc.), no sexual orientation. It is simply like a piece of air (to be more precise, a strange creature in the form of a cat mixed with a spider and a snake), charged with negative/negative energy.

• Carriers of this spirit can often be seen in abandoned buildings of schools and kindergartens, sometimes can be seen in ordinary abandoned buildings.

• Basically wears the clothes of the owner, but prefers dark colors of clothing and shoes.

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• A person possessed by the Phantom will hide his face with a mask or other similar methods.

- The creature is a creature, but Phantom also has favorites and dislikes and things.


- bitter chocolate.

- Loose clothing in dark colors

- cold water

- coffee

- Passion for knives (loves office knives)

- pets

Not a favorite/hates:

- children's screams and cries

- annoying adults

- romance and everything that goes with it

- Being called by the host's name

- People with long hair (if the Phantom host has long hair, the Phantom will simply cut it to the right length).