Creepypasta вики


This is a popular horror animation about nugget with Roblox Man Face meme. It was posted as a joke but creator reposted it as a horror later, because everyone thinks it's not a joke and something bad will happen.


Singing Nugget is a parasite, virus. His mission is to go to the human's mouth to control his body in him. He started to be a meme and ended killed.

Other characters

Singing planets and smiling apple guy. Yeah.

Horror theories

Creator of the Nugget horror meme just posted a video with explanation what happens in Nugget's body. He have all of the human's organs and some theories thinking he was a human, but he killed someone named Terry (Terry started to control smiling apple after this) but died and no one knew why. So this is just a theory. But second, it's not a theory it's reality. So, the nugget later got killed by Terry (smiling apple) this original video is on the Singing Nugget's creation.

What really happened to Nugget

Yes, Terry (Singing apple) killed Singing Nugget (unknown human). But after this scene there's a scene with forest. If you will light it up, you will see the smurf cat and some creature shadows. No one knows why is smurf cat there and what is this creature