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You ever heard of the movie invasion of the Body Snatchers? Well it is basically real, just a little different in real life. The culprit behind this is called an Imitator worm a.k.a an Imitator parasite. I personally like to call them Imisites because it sounds cooler. Well, as cool as you can make the name of a body-stealing organism sound.

Not a lot is know - at least concerning the general public- about the Imisite itself, and no images of it exist online. Theories on it range from aliens, to some type of secret government project, to even a naturally occurring species. They also say that an adult looks something like a giant maggot. Enough about the worm, let us move on to what it does. This is how it all happens:

First you consume the Imisites, be it the eggs, young or even adults. The biggest cause of Imisites infections are people eating infected food. The biggest source being meat, especially insect meat. That being said, there have been cases from people eating infected produce or drinking infected water.

Then they will anchor to your insides. The older the Imsites, the sooner it will happen. After that, they slowly grow 'roots' inside your body, until eventually they are intertwined with every nerve in your body and even your brain. These 'roots' are actually just the worm's own nerves.

Finally, they send out strong, bio-electric pulses all over your body. This usually happens several times, and causes violent convulsions. After that, 'you' get back up as if nothing happened.

The thing is, something DID happen, and YOU did not get back up, the parasite did. You see after the whole electric shock and convulsions thing you die. Your consciousness, your 'soul' if you will. Your body dies too, but only for bit. This whole process takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

The resulting victims will seem somewhat like their old selves, since they do have access to your brain and its memory and the like. But they will be noticeably 'off'. They will seem like they pay less attention to the things they used to like do, sometimes even quitting them completely. They also seem to have a demeanor of looking at the world anew.

Now that being said, the victim is not some Hollywood monster that kills what ever they can get their hands on. That being said, they might be a bit more hostile seeing that it is another being 'at the wheel', especially if it involves getting rid of 'them'.

To me the creepiest part of it is that this happens all without you knowing that it is taking place until it is too late. You see the Imisite has a special substance that it releases in your body. This stuff makes it to where all that 'root-growing' that it did does not harm your body, and causes the damage done by it to rapidly heal-up. In fact you probably will feel better and more energetic, and some of your preexisting illnesses might get slightly better.

To be honest, there is not a lot you can do to prevent this, but there are a few things you can do:

  1. The biggest thing you can do is to be careful with your food and water and to check and cook it properly.
  2. Not eating things like bugs, bad fruit and other nasties should also help you out.
  3. If you feel 'good' out of no where, then as soon as you can seek out some anti-parasite medication.

Much love, and don't let the Imisites bite. ;)