Since the dawn of our consciousness, man and creature alike have wondered of our origin. God and Evolution both attempt to be the answer, but no one seems to fully grasp the question. Where did humans and animals truly begin?

In the creation period of our solar system, Earth was hit by a massive space object believed to be the size of Mars. This impact put Earth through a string of changes that ended with it being hospitable. When lizards came to great size and evolved, another great object struck Earth. This ended the reptile rule of Earth, but left the mammals. The mammals evolved into us.

Earth has a long lost relative. This is the hand of fate. The molten core of Earth is often said to be a hollow, but magma filled space. In comes 16 Psyche. The solid iron core is that of a proto-planet, as Earth was when it was first struck. It awaits right outside Mars, as if watching us. In the void between the red dust planet and the gas orb, this predator sits. The free lurker is able to move with the room, bound by space, not gravitational gravity.

Ancient men wrote of aliens called the Anunnaki, a reptilian humanoid race from a long lost planet of our solar system; who came to grant knowledge, and also to rule over us. More advanced, they helped our ancient brethren grow beyond primal limits. Why would they do this, and introduce a new threat to themselves?

Earth was never struck in the dawn. An object left our core, leaving the hollow for magma to fill. The reptilian blood of the Anunnaki began the age of the lizards, and the tyrant lizards ruled the Earth. Reptilian blood to reptilian blood. The object returned to begin a new age. Reptile blood to end reptile blood. The mammals grew to rule. The great lizards rose us to our own minds. Or so we were thought to believe.

This is your fabled Nibru. This is your cataclysmic event. This is the dawn and the dusk. The object waits between the void of the red dust planet and the gas orb, as if hunting us. Waiting for a move. Your brethren wish to return to you, intentions unknown.

Written by ShawnCognitionCP
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