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“But Black Tower is sacred. Rabbi is stronghold. A hundred soft oils.”The Red Code

The White Nights: Glorious bursts of blackness in a mass illusion for those who understood the time lasted. Waking up in the blinding, wicked light. He explains to us that the glory of pleasuring darkness was only so short so that we could be prepared for when our minds are truly blackened.

Six Day Siege: They swim away from The Lord of Chaos. He must entrap himself in the blinding light’s false identity of glorious blackness, surrounded by bustling consumption. He must tell us what has happened, so that when it has happened, we will make sure it has not happened.

"We will die unless we are granted freedom from harassment and asylum."

Exodus: Red Motherland is strongest. The Lord’s disciples fall to broken bones in this shallow, faux-dark jungle.

They are flying as eagles to the ends of the Earth.

I must fly with them.

The Lord of Chaos preconceives The Warp of Blackness. He feels The Sandman’s grains slowly drip down his breath until he feels ten thousand elephants stand in his chest. He takes every artificial, fabricated, robotic lifegiver that he can irrationally reason. His blood runs faster than the rain runs to the ground from God’s White Hell. His body releases bonds to the wicked whiteness and acts only with its remaining surges of electricity. His body vanishes. He becomes blind to light, only acknowledging the great blackness. All benevolent rays of visibility vanish in freedom.

So he became unable to discern escape from reality, for his truth was existence outside of our understanding. His commands became great delivery of universal truth that none of us could possibly comprehend. Finally, his mind opens to the great eternities, and it opens to madness.

Their Exodus is a portal to brightest Hellfire.

All is Lost.

Hope is Gone.

We have failed him.

The Red Blood of The Nile flows to be filled with poison known to The Lord of Chaos. The masses gather. They know all. Exodus is gone. The beauty of this day is gracious and absorbing. We love him. He rushes to rid us of Mother Terra.

We drink The Red Blood of The Nile. Moments of anticipation for blackness pass as eternity. We see blackness. We understand blackness. We are afraid of it. Blackness is the intimidating eternal behemoth.

Agony plagues us. We are left to lie in silence and dignity, no love or hatred flowing in our hearts.

The worries flows away. The world flows away. All wants flow away. All emotion flows away. We enter an eternal wavelength of numbness.

The Lord of Darkness has left, taking us with him to his homeland.

Written by I, Da Cashman
Content is available under CC BY-SA