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[Clearwood Elementary computer class Internet blog entitled “How to Protect Your Computer”, edited by a Miss Meredith Yates]

BLOG ENTRY: March 7, 2013

Hello, students. As we know, each week we’re going to be covering a new topic concerning how to properly secure your computer. Going by this month’s theme of Internet trolls, we’re going to start off with one of the classic tricks that people use to take advantage of new computer users, such as yourselves. One of the first things they will attempt to persuade you to do is to delete the system32 file on your computer. They may claim that it helps speed up your processor, or clears up unnecessary files, or even prevents viri from invading the programming. I’m here to tell you that this is not true at all, and that if you delete this file, it will not be beneficial in any way, and will in fact harm your computer irreversibly. The Windows operating system relies on this file to run, and when it is deleted, the computer will not load its processing system, and no files will be accessible. This can only be remedied by reinstalling the file manually, which is an extremely complicated and expensive process that I’m sure none of you want to endure. To show you what I mean, I’ve featured an example here- As you can see, once the file is removed, the operating system will fail upon restart. To further demonstrate how dangerous these so-called trolls can be, I’ve prepared an old computer to test this with tomorrow in class. Remember to complete the worksheet on computer parts to hand in tomorrow in class!


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Lray18- jeez why do they make us do this stupidass class

Pfarley24- ikr we already know how to use a freakin computer louis and i play cod every night

Ughia02- Come on, guys! They’re only looking out for us. We can’t expect them to know every little thing about our interests. The best they can do is provide insurance.

Lray18- srsly ursula who even has the time to type full sentences this is an internet chat room

Merskine66- clearly its just her shes got a whole room devoted to typing in a chat room i bet

Ughia02- Okay, come on, guys, we all know that’s not realistic. It’s a habit, and I know not everyone does it, but what harm is it cuasing in the long run?

Ifrederickson04- a typo guys shes human!!1!

BLOG ENTRY: March 8, 2013

I hope today’s demonstration was informative. Internet trolls will only mislead and damage your computer. As you’ve seen today, the worst case scenario is the corruption of your computer’s hard drive, which means your parents may have to spend thousands of dollars getting a replacement. Unfortunately, since the demonstration took so long, I was unable to check last night’s homework, but know that I have not forgotten and will be collecting it tomorrow.


Ifrederickson04- shit i forgot the hw

Merskine66- careful now ursula is online

Ughia02- This is no place for cursing, Ian!

Merskine66- now youve done it

Jzaphoro20- wherez louis and pete

Ughia02- While it may not affect you or me personally, it may be offensive to other classmates.

Merskine66- playing cod probz

Ifrederickson04- listen little miss perfect, its not ur job to go around telling us waht and what not 2 say

Jzaphoro20- yea just cos ur rich doesnt mean ur th boss of us

Myates [OP]- Now, stop this. This chat room is no place for this verbal abuse. All of you stop this at once or you will be reported to the school technician, who will write up all those involved for violation of computer conduct. If you must continue this discussion, which I highly advise against, use a private chat room. I hope I’ve made myself clear.

BLOG ENTRY: March 11, 2013, 7:20 PM

Students, just reminding all of you that tomorrow’s lesson is on malware protection. Extra credit will be offered to all who bring in an example of malware protection software.


Ughia02- This should be fun!

Ifrederickson04- gaaaaaaaaah

Jzaphoro20- anyone seen pete or louis lately guyz? they werent in school 2day

Ifrederickson04- who?

Jzaphoro20- so wut is it then r they both sick or something

Merskine66- probbly skipped school

Jzaphoro20- they wouldnt just skip school myra therez no reason theyd miss game club

Ifrederickson04- seriously guys who r they? r u talking about louis remington?

Merskine66- no u moron louis ray and pete farley

Ifrederickson04- in all seriousness i have no idea who they r

Ifrederickson04- o u mean those 2 nerds who play cod all the time

Merskine66- yeeeeess ian

Ifrederickson04- yea theyre sick they left in the middle of 6th period to go home

Jzaphoro20- thx 4 that about 10 mins after i asked 4 it

BLOG ENTRY: March 11, 2013, 3:41 AM

Students, I need help. I know most of you are asleep, but please, whoever hears this, listen to me please, don’t go to class tomorrow life in danger oh GOD hel;k3yfrebnm 32 32 32 32 32 32 32

Myates [OP] is now offline.

BLOG ENTRY: March 22, 2013

Students, it’s your favorite teacher Mr. Barry here, wishing you all a happy weekend! I’ve just gotten this class blog up and running, and I shall be posting all new assignments on here from now on, starting with this Tuesday’s project on motherboard composition. Remember to study!


Ughia02- Mr. Barry is the best!

Jzaphoro20- u said it

Merskine66- i thought this class would b dreary but mr barry made this so fun

Lray18- hey guys just got off a cod session with pete

Jzaphoro20- hey louis sup

Lray18- hey jerry

Jzaphoro20- pete still home sick?

Lray18- ye

Lray18- hey whos Myates

Jzaphoro20- just lvld up

Jzaphoro20- wait wut

Lray18- it sez the original poster is someone called Myates

Merskine66- where

Lray18- in the blog history it sez we were talking 2 a teacher named Myates

Ughia02- That’s bizarre. We haven’t had a Yates in our school at all, if I remember correctly.

Lray18- its dated march 7-11

Merskine66- but mr barry was our teacher..

Lray18- ye ik he taught us since february must be some sort of coincidence where mr barry got a domain shared w/ another teacher who has students with our names

Ughia02- The odds seem too low for that. I’ll ask tomorrow whether we’ve had a Yates.

Ifrederickson04- hi everyone just checking 2 see what ursula is bitchin about now

Merskine66- stop it ian srsly

BLOG POST: March 25, 2013

Hello, everyone! I’ve assigned all of you into groups for tomorrow’s project. They are as follows: Ian, Jerry, and Myra; and Ursula, Peter, and Louis.


Pfarley24- of course he puts ursula in front

Ughia02- The order has nothing to do with preference!

Pfarley24- yea, yea. lets just get tomorrow over with

Pfarley24- LOUIS

Pfarley24- LOUIS R U THERE

Lray18- ye man its 12 at night what u just stopped me from getting lvl 23 in cod


Lray18- what what is it a breakin

Pfarley24- DO IT PLS LOUIS

Lray18- ok ok um hide somewhere im calling rn stay in ur room

Pfarley24- LOUIS ITS GONNA KILL ME OH SHIT OH SHjhfopa;lka 32 32 32 32 32 32

Pfarley24 is now offline.

BLOG POST: March 26, 2013

Nice work today, everyone! I know that the group of 3 didn’t finish today, so unfortunately it will have to be completed at home. Ursula and Louis do not have to complete the essay, as they are only a group of 2.


Merskine66- lucky

Merskine66- wait what

Ifrederickson04- ye this is unfair

Merskine66- ian look at yesterdays blog post

Ifrederickson04- what

Ifrederickson04- o yea what the hell

Ifrederickson04- thats weird

Lray18- guys there isnt a kid in school named pete farley right im not goin crazy

Merskine66- no none of us know who he is

Jzaphoro20- hacker?

Lray18- probz

Lray18- thank god ursula was sick 2day tho

Ifrederickson04- serves her right for bein a stuck-up bitch

Lray18- whoa that was uncalld 4 dude

Lray18- o shit

Jzaphoro20- wut

Lray18- aw dmn my moms making me get off and study for the chem test 2morrow

Jzaphoro20- sux 2 b u

Lray18 is now offline.

BLOG POST: March 27, 2013

Nice work on the projects, guys! No homework tonight.


Ughia02- Guys, I looked up the school teacher database, and there is not, nor has there ever been a Yates working at Clearwood.

Merskine66- ok…? y do we need 2 know that

Ughia02- What? Oh, I… I don’t know, actually.

Jzaphoro20- that was random

Merskine66- wait guys scroll up

Ifrederickson04- wut

Merskine66- there was a kid in our chat room called louis ray

Jzaphoro20- nother hacker

Merskine66- y would someone hack a school blog

Ifrederickson04- idk probz some pedo looking for some sick thrills by scaring kids

Jzaphoro20- wait ursula u said there was someone named yates

Ughia02- Yes, for some reason I looked up whether someone with that name worked here…

Ughia02- Wait, is it because of another person from this blog?

Jzaphoro20- guys, look there are 3 people in this blog who weve never heard of: yates, peter farley, and louis ray

Jzaphoro20- this is really strange, cant be a coincidence

Ughia02- Yates’ last message and Peter Farley’s last message both consist of frantic typing, acting like they were in some sort of life-threatening situation.

Jzaphoro20- from what it says, i definetely knew peter and louis well

Merskine66- but if we interacted with them that means that they were real

Ifrederickson04- guys guys stop being pussies its just a pedo hacker messing with us

Ifrederickson04- he probbly just typed in messages using our own names to screw w/ us

Ifrederickson04- hold on

Ughia02- Ian’s probably right. We have no reason to believe those people were real, or whether the previous messages were really typed by us. We wouldn’t just forget that someone ever existed.

Ifrederickson04- guys

Jzaphoro20- yea i guess ur right

Merskine66- wanna play cod jerry?

Ifrederickson04- guys

Jzaphoro20- yea sure myra i havent had any friends to play with

Ifrederickson04- GUYS

Merskine66- jesus ian how can we chat with you constantly interrupting


Jzaphoro20- stop it u dikk

Ifrederickson04- CALL 911

Merskine66- were not that gullible ian

Ughia02- Ian, please stop.

Ifrederickson04- HELsgkldfj,jn,’[ea 32 32 32 32 32 32

Ifrederickson04 is now offline.

Jzaphoro20- wait wtf

Merskine66- holy shit


Jzaphoro20- hes trying so hard, too. gotta give im credit, the ian kid sounds like a real jerk

Merskine66- wait, jerry, how do i know this is u? u could be this hacker

Jzaphoro20- ask me a personal question bout u

Merskine66- how old was i when my gerbil ran away?

Jzaphoro20- 12 right?

Merskine66- ok, good, ur real. ursula how old was i the only time i took us horseback riding

Ughia02- You were 7 years old, and I was 6.

Jzaphoro20- wait for all we no u could be a hacker 2, myra

Jzaphoro20- how long did we date in 7th grade?

Merskine66- 4 months

Jzaphoro20- k were all real

Merskine66- but it says only 3 people r in the chat room

Merskine66- wait

Merskine66- i just looked at the page source

Merskine66- and it sez that there are only 3 connections to this blog right now

Jzaphoro20- myra

Merskine66- so were all who we say we r

Jzaphoro20- myra i hear something in my room

Merskine66- ...what?

Jzaphoro20- im not fuckin kiddin myra i hear something

Jzaphoro20- holy shit it was all real wasnt it

Merskine66- jerry stay calm

Jzaphoro20- theres something killing us 1 by 1

Merskine66- jerry im calling the police stay quiet

Jzaphoro20- i dont wanna turn around

Merskine66- jerry

Ughia02- Myra, Jerry, what’s going on?


Merskine66- JERRY

Jzaphoro20- oh my god;sf4 32 32 32 32 32 32

Merskine66- JERRY

Jzaphoro20 is now offline.

Ughia02- What’s up, Myra?

Merskine66- nothin much ursula

Merskine66- hold up

Merskine66- did someone hack us?

Ughia02- Huh?

Merskine66- look at what was just posted above

Ughia02- ???

Merskine66- oh my god

Ughia02- What is it? We just got hacked, that’s all. Mr. Barry said he had to work on the firewall.

Merskine66- ursula read the history

Ughia02- What… what is this?

Merskine66- ursula my gerbil did run away when i was 12

Ughia02- What.. what are you saying?

Merskine66- and we did go horseback riding when i was 7 and u were 6

Ughia02- But…

Merskine66- ursula, i dont remember them

Ughia02- There… there has to be a logical… better reason for this…

Merskine66- these people were real and they were our friends

Ughia02- I don’t remember anyone, but…

Merskine66- why would we have a class of 2 people

Ughia02- Myra, youre scaring me…

Merskine66- theres something killing us off, one by one…

Merskine66- and when it does, we forget they ever existed

Merskine66- pete, ian and jerry were all killed while talking to us on the blog

Merskine66- u saw the way they typed. they were afraid for their lives

Merskine66- ursula…

Merskine66- were next

Merskine66- ursula?

Ughia02- me…

Merskine66- oh god ursula…

Ughia02- i hear it…

Merskine66- ursula PLEASE

Ughia02- myra pleas promise me

Merskine66- URSULA

Ughia02- promis u wont forget me


Ughia02- please rmember me myra

Merskine66- URSULA PLS

Ughia02- system32

Merskine66- what

Ughia02- 32

Merskine66- no

Ughia02- 32 32 32 32

Merskine66- NO

Ughia02 is now offline.

BLOG POST: March 28

32 32 32 32 32 32


Merskine66- hey, mr barry, can u help me with something?

Merskine66- i cant figure out the difference between terabytes and megabytes which is bigger

Merskine66- what…

Tbarry [OP]- 32 32 32 32 32 32

Merskine66- mr barry, what is this…

Tbarry [OP]- 32 32 32 32 32 32

Merskine66- what did you do to them

Tbarry [OP]- 32 32 32 32 32 32

Merskine66- what are all those messages up there

Tbarry [OP]- 32 32 32 32 32 32


Tbarry [OP]- 32 32 32 32 32 32


Tbarry [OP]- 32 32 32 32 32 32


Tbarry [OP]- 32 32 32 32 32 32


Pfarley24 is now online.

Lray18 is now online.

Ifrederickson04 is now online.

Jzaphoro20 is now online.

Ughia02 is now online.

Merskine66- what…

Ifrederickson04- Hello, Myra.

Merskine66- what is this… what…

Pfarley24- I saved you for last.

Merskine66- who… what are you...

Jzaphoro20- I’ve been watching you for some time, now.

Merskine66- WHAT ARE YOU???

Lray18- I know it wasn’t your fault.

Merskine66- what wasn’t my fault…

Ughia02- I can see you’re confused.

Merskine66- please… leave me alone…

Lray18- Allow me to explain.

Ughia02- When you remove the skin from a creature…

Ifrederickson04- ...its inner workings are revealed.

Pfarley24- Once the internals of a creature are exposed for the you to see…

Jzaphoro20- You never see it the same way again.

Ughia02- You peeled away my skin.

Jzaphoro20- You saw what lurked behind it.

Lray18- The world cannot know what you saw.

Merskine66- i… i don’t remember… i dont know what i saw…

Pfarley24- You saw a window to eternity.

Lray18- To a world of chaos.

Ifrederickson04- Of darkness.

Jzaphoro20- Of death.

Ughia02- You saw me.

Myates is now online.

Myates [OP]- And for that you must pay.

Merskine66- PLEASE NO

Merskine66- no

Merskine66- no;’

Merskine66- no;’aalu1w

Merskine66- no;’aalu1wgf;akmdfkj[‘02i4 32

Merskine66- 32 32 32 32 32

Merskine66 is now offline.

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