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At birth, we are introduced to a world full of coincidences and inexplicable facts. The lineage of each generation is unique and unprecedented. Every family has members who are marginalized because of their convictions or ways of expressing themselves in society. Situations or external forces such as religion, habits, or family traditions have a great influence on the future of each individual who are involved in one of these factors. In today's society, we classify ourselves according to our economic status, category according to stereotype, and sign according to horoscope. Then we call lunatics or cynics those whose ideals are unrealistic or beyond the realm of probabilities that turn to a direction completely opposite to what is logical.

I didn't pay attention to this sort of thing in the beginning because my perception of life encompassed all aspects, both physical and spiritual. There are limits to the human mind, but there are those who manage to extend beyond the end to acquire knowledge by somewhat sinister means. This is not to say that only the marginalized achieve these things, but they are the least influenced by such things as a social system, as they are excluded from it unless they have enough dynamism and social skills to fit in with the common people. Part of these brief explanations are what I want to use to lead the reader to this intangible point of view, which may be disturbing to some people because without prior explanation, they would simply try to assume that the subject matter is a product of fanaticism.

As a young man, I began to experience unusual things which were somewhat disturbing. There was a little bit of everything, but the one that never changed was the Vasagio. It was always present. Even if I was a spectator, it always had its unexpected approaches that never failed to frighten me. I don't know what culture or religion he came from, but soon after, I knew his name, which he never confessed by mouth, but simply came to my mind one day when I remained still without stopping my eyes and without moving. It was a peculiar experience which I will not say was good, but neither was it aberrant.

His appearance was that of a physically strong man but with pronounced muscles near his elbows, knees and heels. He never had any skin tone but was such a dark silhouette that not even the light shone on him. His first approach was when I went to visit a cousin who had been in a car accident. In the back area of the building was where he first manifested himself. Though I felt a little guilty for showing intrigue towards this being, who clearly did not intend anything good for my life, I calmed down over time and ignored him.

When I saw that, little by little, there were more manifestations of other different silhouettes, I became worried, because I felt that I was moving further away from God and from what my family had instilled in me. I felt withdrawn from any activity in my church. I felt impure for being curious about these kinds of things that are clearly not human. Vasagio stopped manifesting after appearing 3 times on different occasions, and since then, it has only been silhouettes behaving very aggressively. It is probably associated with schizophrenia, but my mother also saw them and so did my family.

A short time later, on an outing with my uncle, we started talking about our ancestors. My great-grandmother believed in Chango; they did wakes among other things like sacrifices. Rituals and curses towards those who wanted to endanger her life. They practiced Ouija and "board games" that involved manifestations or invocations of spirits. As I slowly understood the history behind my grandmother's past generation, I recognised that we are not only limited to religions in society, and there is a lack of recognition of the outside forces that were here before us.