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November 18th, 2063, 23:38

The sky is dark and placid, a haven of peace and quiet in our chaotic life. It is dotted with stars, albeit barely seen in the bright lights of the city. Their glow is faint, yet prominent. I cast my glance aside and see her, eyes closed as if deep in thought, enjoying the fresh air as her hair billows in the strong wind. The sunken garden is beautiful at night, peaceful and calming. She opens an eye at me and I tell her that we should retire for the night. We drive off in our old beat up Volkswagen bug, resigned in our own thoughts.

February 20th, 2064 21:43

She still has no idea. I don’t have the guts to tell her, no, not until the day comes. I’ll just have to wait it out. She deserves to know, but I can’t handle goodbyes, even before. I feel like I’ve betrayed her, like I’m about to betray her, but I was sent here to assess the situation and judge them. Unfortunately the assessment period is nearing its end and the results aren’t good. These people will fall and I will have to go back....

March 1st, 2064 15:21

Still haven’t told her. I don’t plan to now, the due date is near. We’re eating at our favourite cafe. Her eyes sparkle as she tells me about her day. She’s one of the few things good about this damned world.

March 23rd, 2064


Today is the day. Everything will fall into place and I will leave this plane of existence. I will continue my job as adjudicator and move on, even though she and the rest of their race will not. This is my job, it has been for thousands of years and it will be for thousands more to come.


I haven’t seen her all day. I’m going to take her out to dinner, put on a good show before she finally finds out, and leave with a meaningful goodbye.


Having dinner with her tonight is nice but my mind is still wrought with melancholy. More than a hundred earthen years ago I felt this too, standing on another world, with different people and a different environment. I will miss her, like I have missed many before her. Mine is a sad life, but however lonely I must do it.


The gate has opened and the explosion within the core triggered. The shockwave will reach the surface within moments. She’s watching me as I talk to my colleagues, for some reason she is unafraid.


I walk over to her and tell her my story. Why I was sent here, what I must do, what I have done, and I say goodbye.


She leans over to me and whispers; “I know dear. I have all along.”