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Barren is this old forsaken hill
With the wind to be oh, so still
Life: to be none of in your sight
Crickets: not to break the quiet night
Nary a wolf to scorn the baleful moon
Nor a snake to bask lazily at noon

The grass, oh, ‘tis not spry
The bobcats, they will never cry
The sky, the clouds, they’re always grey
Not a squirrel to ever play
Ringing sharply are your ears
Stinging, as if ‘twere wooden spears

The Silence, ‘tis the sound of death
Always he who killed the breath
The Silence, ‘tis of ages old
The Silence, to make the land so cold

Left to rot by the Wise Men of old,
Oh, but you grow so bold!
To ignore all you have been told
Dare you throw away your fear?
And as for the Silence, will it ever hear?
And to the Silence, will you show?
And from the Silence, will you know?

“Oh, truly, what are the likes of you?”
“Why, I am the same as you.”
“But are you of the likes of him?”
“The hero, to his brother, to his wretched kin.”
“Oh, but are you not also the likes of her?”
“Alas, but I can only concur.”

“But what of all the heavenly bodies?”
“The resemblance is great, none too shoddy.”
“Yet are you not a single thing?”
“Well, surely I am of something.”
“Oh, but you are just silence,
All alone in this fortress!”

“Lies, oh, lies, you say but lies!
For still yet, I have the greenest of grass!”
“‘Tis only a warm memory of the past.”
“Oh, but still I have the gentlest of wind!”
“Lo! For it’s last breath has been spent.”

“Yea but feel here the warming sun!”
“No! ‘Tis gone, just like the drunkard’s rum!”
“But I yet possess the beasts and the critters!”
“Yet here, only dead bones litter.”
“Oh, alas! For I have just the loneliness!”
“Of which you’ve brought to a great finesse.

“All spoken, I offer to bring you life.”
“And to them I’ll give nary a strife!”
“And do you promise to keep it well?”
“This gift, surely never to dispel.”
“And so, it is time to bid farewell.”
“Well, Hero, please stay well!”

And so, you bring forth life
As is meant to always last
And so, you bring forth grass,
As is meant to spread so vast
And so, you bring forth wind,
As is meant to be so loud
And so, you bring forth the sun,
As is meant to be so proud
And so, you bring forth beasts,
As are meant to be so diverse
And so, you banish the loneliness
Which much now away traverse

The Silence
The Void
As one to be
For all to see

As is one, as is so
As for you, not yet to know
At least not now, at any rate
For you have surely sealed your fate

“Hark! For I’ve brought forth to you the grass!”
“And I shall plant it by the mass!”
“And I’ve brought forth to you the wind!”
“And the gentlest breeze, it shall send!”

“Here, I’ve brought forth to you the sun!”
“Oh, yet this gloom, it shall so shun!”
“And now, I’ve brought forth to you the critters!”
“Oh, please, oh, please, send them hither!”

And so, the sun buds open a rose
And so, the green grass grows
And so, the wind breathes forth a gentle sigh
And so, the critters play under the azure sky

Lively is this old new hill
With the wind to be not so still
Life, to be much of in your sight
Crickets, all to break the night
Many a wolf to howl at the moon
And proudly bask, do the snakes at noon

The grass, oh, ‘tis so spry!
The bobcats, from joy they cry!
The sky, the clouds: such a fine display
Now for all the squirrels to play
Lingering, wont are your ears
Singing, as ‘twere golden lyres!

The Harmony, for ‘tis the sound of breath
Always he who saved from death
The Harmony, ‘tis so freshly new
The Harmony, to make the land not crude

“My, oh, my! ‘Tis such a sight!
Oh, surely, this be your might?”
“Ha! Why, this is only the beginning!
For your head shall soon be spinning!”
“Oh, whatever do you mean?”
“Lo! For this fabric shall be torn by the seams!

“Hark! Oh, hark! Oh, hark!”
“Yes, why all this bark?”
“Here, so am I the Harmony!
Of all, shall I send to purgatory!
For as well, am I, the Void
This here my biggest of ploys!”

And so, the sun swallows all those opposed
And so, the grass burns all those exposed
And so, the wind sends all awry
And so, the critters melt in the flames so high

Alas, alas, ‘tis so the Void
Alas, alas, ‘tis so devoid

The crickets’ songs now turned to screams
The wolves’ blood now flows in streams
The bobcats’ tears now burning blood
The squirrels’ skin a molten flood
The toads’ throats now turned to stone
The birds’ feathers now crisp cocoons
The bees’ bodies now fit to burst
The beasts overtaken by deadly thirst

Alas, alas, ‘tis so the Void
Alas, alas, ‘tis so devoid

The sun implodes, a nova so great a sight
The wind rips apart the vast Earth’s might
The screams tear the heavens to shreds
The blood kills that from which it bled

Alas, alas, ‘tis so the Void
Alas, alas, ‘tis so devoid

All that exists: sucked into the Void
All pondering minds: seized by the Void
All once paradise: destroyed by the Void
All that was chaos: now peace by the Void

Alas, alas, ‘tis so the Void
Alas, alas, ‘tis so devoid

In the Void, all is calm
In the Void, no pleasure or qualm
In the Void, never a ship to sail
In the Void, no minds to wail

Alas, alas, ‘tis so the Void
Alas, alas, ‘tis so devoid

Written by Banned In CP
Content is available under CC BY-SA