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A "Creepypasta" based off my own childhood.

As a child when you're curious you look into things more often, but of course, never alone. Being scared as a child was the main driver of a child's body...that was the case for my friends. However, I was different to them at the time. Now I can only fear and wonder what happened.

Every week or so our class had a Library session where we would spend a whole lesson reading books in the library. The librarian was very nice to us kids. She lent us a book of "Old Legends and Myths". She told us to make sure we wouldn't get "NightMares" from the dear book. Me and my friends brushed it off and ran to a chair to read it altogether. At that age, boys and girls were all friends so we had no issue sitting together, just the regular teasing. Apart from me and my friends sitting and reading, a sound pierced my ears and I felt light-headed. I ignored it. I really shouldn't have.

We scanned the contents of the book, looking through all the classic legends and myths...until we saw the two: Bloody Mary and A Closet Shape. Bloody Mary is a pretty well known legend of going in a bathroom with a candle at night, making sure you were alone in there with the lights turned off - at least that's what us kids understood. A Closet Shape, a child's fear. A closet that you can see a faint form of a shape.

The piercing sound came back again, worse this time. I felt a tight wrap around my skull, as if someone were squishing my head real tight. My breaths became short. I hid it. I really shouldn't have.

Our library session had now ended, we headed back to the classroom. Me feeling worse and my friends feeling the same. The day from then went on as it normally should and the feeling faded away.

After that school day, I arrived back home to my baby brother, my mom and my step-dad. my feet felt like sticks as I stood on the spot. Like those people you see at fairs walking around on long sticks that seem way too tall to be real people. My eyes started fluttering like I was trying to keep awake. My mom took no notice of it and started to cook her infamous favourite soup: Borsche.

I ate my dinner without a problem. Then retreated to my room to finish my homework and play with my toys alone.

It was around 7 pm when I had to go to sleep, so I started getting ready to sleep...though I felt the tight feeling around my skull again and that ever -so piercing noise. I laid on the floor in a little ball just massaging my temples. I could just barely breathe and my feet were ice cold. Now my vision was dark.

My eyes jerked open to someone shaking me awake. No-one was there. I had a little watch on my bedside table and decided to check it. It read '11:37 pm' I couldn't really go back to sleep so I resorted to laying down and staring at my ceiling. I looked around my room for the source that shook me awake.

Now where I used to live, the rooms had windows stretching from one side to another with a little ledge for the glass of the window. I never slept with the curtain closed because I didn't have a night lamp. Even if I wasn't scared, I was still yet terrified by the dark. My room was in a layout where my bed was against the wall in the center, my mirror on the wall next to the window, at the left foot of my bed, my wardrobe to my right side. A very plain layout.

I looked back at the mirror and saw the moonlight reflect off it. My head started throbbing with a type of ringing noise, like those fancy bells when you walk in a shop. That sound kept replaying. The moonlight reflected into a shape of a woman, probably in her late 20s. I stared at her and thought "pretty". She moved her head and made eye contact with me, my body became a very cold temperature, like one of a fever, but cold. We just stared at each other as I froze away. She took one step forward, causing me to whimper slightly. She had this opacity where you could still see her and through her. At the time I didn't know what a ghost was, I guess you could say this was what it was.

The woman was wearing a long white night gown. Her hair looked black and wet. She lifted up her hands and held what I thought was a candle, the light still flickering. My mind matched it up with the "Bloody Mary" story from earlier that day. I swallowed real hard.

I looked away and to the entrance of my room. The closet where I used to store all my school uniform and Halloween costumes and such, laid behind the door. At night it was always pitch black, the door. A weird smile looking face appeared from there, clear as day. My closet shadow gave this face a body. One that looked like that "slender man" people kept mentioning then.

Except, he had a mouth. A mouth that was pure black with a white face. It opened its mouth to show off its white long and sharp teeth, at least the size of a grown banana. You can only imagine how scary that was. Not only did it have an alarming face, it also had the longest legs and arms I'd ever seen. It was so tall it had to crouch in order to fit in my room. That creature too, was a faded opacity.

My eyes widened as it got closer to me. It sat against my wall, watching me with a grim smile. The woman now on the other side of my bed.

I hid under the covers as the feeling of my skull being crushed became my main focus. My vision decided to blur, I was blinded by the starting of tears. I wanted it to stop, I wanted it to stop so much. Before I knew it, the first round of tears streamed down my cold cheeks. my feet felt numb with the cold. Like I was wearing nothing but underwear in the snow.

I heard the little noise of the AC turn off. The woman and creature disappeared. I peered from my blanket and saw my mom staring at me. She walked over and brought me to her chest, "I heard you crying," she said softly.

The following morning we removed the mirror from my room to the attic and never moved it from its spot again. My regular day was back again, school in the morning and afternoon. The tight feeling in my skull vanished and I never felt it again. Though...something had changed. Whenever I went somewhere, I always felt a tall dark shadow peering over me. I ignored it but to this day, I still feel it; the presence of a tall soul like the same one on that night.

It's been around 6 years since then as of now. I still remember that night so vividly. There is one extra detail I didn't mention...

Couple days ago, in my school in a new country, I saw some kids, around the age of what I was in that occurrence...reading the very same book that librarian handed us. My eyes widened and the feeling of a tight skull returned.

I'll never understand what happened. Curiosity kills the cat as they say. Children fear the dark. There's no guarantee that some can escape whatever happened that night.

Thank you for reading this. It was truly relieving what I remember of the incident. I don't tell many people this since they mark it off as an exaggeration of a child's sleep-paralysis demon. I really thought it wasn't. I hope you enjoyed this.