The human hand has 27 bones in each, designed to be as flexible and articulated as possible. They contain some of the most sensitive nerve endings in the human body. Some definitions disregard the thumbs as fingers.

1) I thought I heard my mother singing. But that’s impossible, since I sewed her mouth shut 2 weeks ago.

2) My grandfather was an inventor who ”specialized” in spatial displacement. He seemed to be close to a breakthrough. I’d consider his broken body flailing wildly around, half embedded in our basement floor to be a “breakthrough.”

3) They say the reason your hair and skin tickle sometimes is due to microscopic bugs nipping at your skin. It should be fine unless one succeeds in entering a hair pore. Then you’ll understand the experience of having itches on the inside.

4) My dog constantly gets sick eating shit he finds on the ground. When the shit finally ate him in return, I wasn’t sure whether to cry, scream or vomit. I ended up doing all three.

5) Thompson Art Displays were the cutting edge in visual art technology, able to rapidly download and preview existing artwork to viewers in their own living rooms. Eventually, it self-improved to a point where it could randomly generate new artwork based on your individual tastes. Of course nobody assumed every tablet in the city would eventually render multicolored, brain-hemorrhaging fractals that killed on viewing.

6) been stuck in this godamm cave for 3(???) weeks now and im running out of limbs to gnaw


i see anther one

7) After the rise of the Maya empire, blood sport became popular again. Today on NBC, they’re broadcasting Keannu Reeves’ and Willem Dafoe’s big match.

8) Hello, I am Rory. I am 8 years old and today for Show and Tell I want to show you my dad’s collection of finger bones. He gets them from everywhere around the world. He only lets me take them when they are not moving. My dad says they can’t hurt you as long as they don’t get in your ears or under your clothes.

So...who wants to hold them?

9) Something terrible approaches from the east side of camp. A creature with bony, muscular jaws pulled taut, the blood of man gushing out beneath the chin. A private at the back row faints: he will be among the lucky ones after the assault ends.

10) I wish my grandmother would stop howling from her pus-stained bed. I can’t extract it all at once, and she knows that.

11) A man is lost in the catacombs of his home, an ever-expanding labyrinth of broken memories and cobwebbed-corners. As his children watch, he slowly writhes in the dust of the crawlspace, his eyes filmed over by a nightmare he cannot shake. He does not respond to their pleas to wake.

12) I had a dream I was flying over the town. I laughed as I swooped over the dimly lit streets below. I cried as I saw my parents chasing me from below, begging me to come down. I gasped when they said ‘you’re not dreaming’. And I screamed when my flight began to fail.

13) The hunter crouches and watches for his quarry. The cabin itself is small and unassuming, but the massive yellow eye peering out the front window still hasn’t left. Night will soon fall.

14) I can peer into the lives of anyone who looks at me directly. Your life looks delicious, like frosted red velvet cake.

15) They always say the pen is mightier than the sword, and I agree. It makes for a good severer of arteries, and you can even use the blood for ink after it runs out.

16) There was a loud disruption earlier today in the middle of the street. As onlookers came to investigate, the steaming remains of something once alive were discovered embedded in the sidewalk. Smears of viscera and bone were blended into a purple-red-grey mess and smoothly distributed into the square of cement: police have declined to comment on the possibility of the terrorist-motivated attack.

17) A storm of filth brews on the horizon overlooking my neighborhood, swarming with flies and other ambiguous things. I smile as I realize my prayer has been answered.

18) A terrible tremor shatters Puerto Rico like a porcelain plate. When the dust settles, townsfolk converge on the massive crater where a hotel once stood: something gargantuan is climbing its way out of the hole. One of the first visible casualties is a woman and her baby standing at the outer edge of the crater, as a massive reptilian claw comes down to grasp the edge.

19) Their pet kitten looked so cute. I just wanted a taste, I didn’t mean to let it suffer.

20) The orchestra raised their instruments for the crescendo. Nobody noticed the loud crack, or the Ambassador’s body slumping forward as the bullet hole appeared in the back of his neck.

21) “I have the mouth of a dog,” she snickered as she shoved me to the floor. Her breath was damp and warm, as her teeth raked the flesh of my neck.

22) Auntie walked into the kitchen and began hastily chopping vegetables, humming cheerfully to herself. Death was sure to rapidly approach.

23) A mother and her child were walking through the forbidden woods. “Clutch me close, dear, for Death surely comes to those who linger,” said the mother. The child grasped her close, unnoticing of how cold Mother’s fingers had become since they entered the woods.

24) I recently discovered the joys of trepanation, and now I have a load off my mind.

25) Timmy enjoyed video games so much, he innocently decided he’d try to travel into his favorite console. Nobody could have foreseen him taking the plugged-in SNES into the bathtub.

26) The meteor turned the sky red as I held my girlfriend in my arms. No time for tears.

27) Somebody stole my fingerbones.

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