It watches over me, it's always staring and it stalks all my moves.

Others can see it, but they do nothing, why don’t they help me?

It killed my mother, my father and my older sister that I loved so dearly.

I can’t work or go to school because it has also taken that away from me, it scares me away.

I HAVE FED IT ALL MY BELONGINGS! Yet it begs for more.

I can’t stand those long arms with those long, sharp nails, the same goes to its feet.

Its stomach is swollen, after everything it has devoured from me, and a face that you can never forget.

It haunted my house with a million demons that just won’t leave.

I begged the church to help me, and help me get this monster away from me for just a day at least, yet they ignored me and sent me going on my way.

I lie here on the street, wearing a dirty shirt and worn out pants, with nothing else but a can with only several coins, that will be the only thing to feed me tonight, and I think about the monster that took everything I loved and left me nothing.

I wondered if it was still stalking me.

A skinny man wearing a dark colored jacket that covered a little part of his face, and a hat that was shadowing his eyes, walks up to me and throws a coin to me.

In only a split second I get to see his face.

That face of that monster that I can never forget.

Only then I remembered his name and muttered quietly, “Oh yes, Economy.”

Credited to Sigrun/TheGaylord 
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