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Some people go through life without ever experiencing something that completely changes their life, but not me. About three years ago I saw the most beautiful thing to ever happen to me.

I had detention and had no way of getting home besides the two mile long walk. And at about the half mile mark it started snowing really hard (what do you expect, it's New England). So, despite my best judgement, I decided to take the short cut through the grave yard. As I'm walking through, I see a lone marine in full combat uniform standing in front of a headstone. On his chest I could read the name Moore.

I saluted him to show my respect. He saw me, bowed his head, and smiled. And in a faint voice I heard him say, “Stay strong… You’ll make it home.” Just then, I heard a branch snap under the weight of the snow and looked away.

Once I looked back at the marine he was gone. Confused by where he could have gone, I checked the headstone where he was standing and was shocked by what I saw. It read “Cpl. John Moore gave his life in the line of duty, defending our country and its freedom.” I felt scared, but somewhat safe. After that, I walked home and it felt good to get out of the cold. After that day, I keep on pushing and never give up as the brave spirit once told me.