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I was at a party store with my best friend Ryan, getting all the materials for a birthday party for Daisy, one of my friends. We were looking for the greatest quality cups, plates, and other materials that this store has to offer.

After a good hour at the store, it was time to check out. We gave all our things to the cashier and paid the surprisingly high price. While Ryan was finishing up with our purchase, I glanced at the nametag of the cashier to make sure we were dealing with the right person.

As soon as we paid, we went back into our car and drove back to the home where we were hosting the party.

The next day, we prepared all of the materials for the party. At 2:00, when the party started, we dragged our party guest onto a chair. Ryan and I looked at her for a moment, then went back to laughing and having a great time. As we stood up to dance, Ryan noticed something on the back of my shirt.

”Bro, there’s a nametag behind your shirt.“ Ryan said to me.

I removed the nametag off my shirt and read the name aloud.


I looked back at our party celebrant and stared directly into her lifeless eyes.

”Well, happy birthday Daisy!” I told the body.

Ryan and I danced the night away.