I'm waking up, getting out of bed cause something woke me up. I'm always like SUPER tired whenever I'm up. I go downstairs, eat breakfast, usually see a shadow pass me on my way down, but it's normal, so who cares? This morning was different though, like different different.

after I was done eating, I went to my bathroom and started brushing my teeth, I glanced at reflection in the mirror when I saw something in the mirror made me feel very uneasy. My reflection just moved on it's own. I hadn't stared at it for a for a long time so I knew that it wasn't normal. My reflection was twitching, and pacing around the mirror when finally it stopped, my reflection slowly turned it's head and stopped as soon as it met my gaze.

I was about to yell for one of my parents to tell them what I just saw when it spoke to me and said "don't do it" so instead of yelling, I asked "what do you want from me?" I didn't get an answer. I resumed brushing my teeth, went downstairs, and tried to forget about it, and got ready to go to the place I hated most, School.

I'm walking to my first period class, when I think I see somebody with my clothes on that I wore to school yesterday, turns out it was what I saw in the mirror, but when it turned around completely I almost didn't make it to them restroom in time, half of it's face was torn off, blood dripping straight from it, part of it's jaw was showing, one eye was foggy, and the other was gone, yet the dripping blood wasn't visible when it hit the floor. I spent that whole class period vomiting in the restroom. It was gone when I came out. I was sent to the nurse's office, and the school let me go home, my mom picked me up and took me home, but she had to go back to work, so I was home alone.

I had friends to call and ask if the could come over, and hang out for a little while. It's probably cause I don't have any, or try to make any friends, because I think that that they require too much attention. I turn on Netflix, then put on "Blue Exorcist". I hear strange noises, I'm assuming that it's coming from my show, but then I hear that voice. "surprise.."

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