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Twenty years I prayed, I pleaded for Him to intercede
I've never loved another one for she is all I need
I followed the tenants of the church, I toiled selflessly
My wife, my love, I miss her so, return her please to me

It seemed my work upon this land had earned me no reply
Long life, such a cursed thing, must I wait until I die?
My bent back in service of Him, all I had for tender
Like letters, my prayers to Him, marked return to sender

September, cold, drab and dreary, a knock upon the door
Standing there, returned to me, her skin a death white pallor
My heart renewed its beating force, I ushered her inside
We spent the night in pure rejoice, reversed the ebbing tide

She donned her favorite flowered dress, I kept it all this time
It hung quite loose upon her bones, her smile was so sublime
We danced, we cried, we clung so close, it was so bitter sweet
Our night together, she said to me, never could repeat

She vanished with the rising sun, I sought to go with her
Fading into nothingness, she uttered one last whisper
Just one more night you had to wait for us reunited
You failed to see beyond your grief, mortals so short sighted

Didn't know my end was due, if only I had waited
With left hand, the deal was signed, to see my dear departed
Now I'll spend eternity with the Red Hand of the Knife
Forever trapped in his domain instead of with my wife


"A Strident Grief" By Kolpik

Narrated by EuclidClassDunmer

Written by Kolpik
Content is available under CC BY-SA