First, this really did happen. However, I will admit to dramatizing it for entertainment purposes.

It had been an awfully long day. School was horrible and filled with so much drama I thought I'd explode. The weather was nice and sunny, yet not too hot, so I decided I'd rather walk home than take the bus and deal with more people. I wasn't really a huge fan of people at the moment.

I began walking, taking the longer route home to have time to think. I had been walking for about ten minutes when I saw a dark looking figure out the corner of my eye. Though I had turned quite quickly, the figure moved out of my vision before I could clearly see it. Thinking that my mind was simply playing tricks on me because of personal stress, I continued making my way home. I turned a corner onto the next street when I heard a loud and steady thumping noise. The hairs on the back of my neck stood and I got goosebumps all over. I had no idea what it was and it sounded innocent enough, but for some reason it struck such an intense fear within me that I nearly vomited.

Holding down my lunch, I spun to face the noise. There was nothing to see. Only a deserted street. Not even the wind was blowing. The only thing was the noise. It didn't end, it didn't slow. It didn't even change rhythm. This noise didn't seem to be coming from any one place or direction. It was all around me, even within me, filling my mind and body with it's beating. Though not perfectly, it matched my heartbeat. Creepy.

I turned away and bolted towards my house, which was only about a block away now. Almost 50 feet from my front door, I stopped. He was there. The figure was standing on my front porch, smiling at me. He was just leering at me with that demented, twisted smirk. Suddenly, I got hot all over. I ran at him, tackling him. But then I hit the ground with nothing in my grasp.

What? I had just had my hands and arms around him. I looked up and he was just standing there next to me. Big, colorless, old, and evil-looking. I stood and punched out. He grabbed my hand and growled. Then he turned to ashes. Just like that. He was nothing but ashes.

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