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In the middle of England there is a farm owned by a man called John Glass. If you are lucky enough to find this farm, John will happily take you to see his animals and will treat you with utter kindness. He will keep you there until nightfall, when he will insist that you must stay over and drive back in the morning. Not wanting to disrespect this old man, you will agree and settle down for the night in a cozy room.

In the morning you will wake up on a mattress-less bed. The room will be dirty, smelly, and seem to be old. The rest of the farm will too, with a few rotting animal carcasses in the fields. There will be no sounds except for the sound of faint squeaking. You will find that it is coming from a run down barn and, if you dare peek inside, you will see yourself bound and gagged. You will watch John Glass torture you in ways you couldn't even imagine. Then, you will wake up in your own bed with no memories of the day before.

You will search for an abandoned farm, and as soon as you see it you will decide to move there and renovate it. You will forget about your old life. A year later, an unsuspecting traveler will come to your farm. You will happily take them to see your animals and treat them with utter kindness.