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Page 1 - Discovery.[]

In recent times, stories have been circulating around town. Many people report seeing "Snake Eyes" inside of their house and others say that they see people in the corner of their room. Many of these paranormal events were thought to be hallucinations or a call for attention. The media dubbed this as "The Abnormality Syndrome". It went from a little scare to an entire ordeal that shook the foundation of the internet itself.

A boy named Lalo Smithsburg was a supporter of the idea that the Abnormality Syndrome wasn't a story, it was real life. He became obsessed with the whole idea and decided that he'd take matters into his own fiendish hands. Despite skepticism from friends and family, he was quite determined to uncover the truth behind the strange occurrences.

Lalo spent countless hours scouring the internet and local archives, piecing together witness accounts and searching for any credible evidence. He noticed patterns - many of the reported sightings seemed to center around a few key locations in the town. It wasn't limited to people's houses but it was pushed into other areas as well. Decided to conduct his own investigation, Lalo began staking out these sites, equipped with cameras and other recording equipment.

Lalo entered a looming and withering manor that people referred to as "Maledictus" which was Latin for Curse. He set down his camera and took out an audio recorder. It had been almost an hour since he set his equipment down and yet, he found nothing. Perhaps, it was all really just a stupid hoax that a bunch of people thought of. He tapped his feet and he was about to get up and grab his things but then a faint whisper dragged his boredom away. He listened closely but the whispers had disappeared quicker than his excitement when he came in the manor.

Lalo strained his ears, trying to make out the faint whispers he had just heard. The old manor was deathly silent, save for the creaking of the floorboards beneath his feet. He slowly moved deeper into the house, his heart pounding in anticipation. Rounding a corner, Lalo spotted a flickering light coming from what appeared to be a bedroom at the end of the hallway. He crept forward, trying to make as little noise as possible. As he neared the doorway, the whispers became more distinct, though still unintelligible. Peering into the room, he saw nothing but the whispers got louder. He listened even closely and in the corner of his eyes, he saw something move.

He turned his head to face what had just moved and as he put more focus into it, he saw what appeared to be eyes with slit-like pupils. Fear was flowing throughout his body like water in a pipe and as he fast as he got inside the manor, he got out. Lalo didn't care about the equipment and instead, he was focused on getting back home. His legs were straining themselves and he seemed as if he was about to burst a vain. He then entered his car and locked the doors before sighing and taking out his phone to look at the footage that was still ongoing.

The same eyes he saw before were in front of the camera. It took him a moment to realize it but it turns out that this is it.

"Snake Eyes...", he said to himself as he finally understood what he was seeing. He then turned his car on and he was about to drive away but it shut off. The car just shut off and it wouldn't turn back on. He breathed heavily and was panicking. He looked back at his footage and he switched cameras but he couldn't find anything.

Lalo's heart raced as he stared at the unresponsive car. The eerie silence of the manor seemed to press in around him, amplifying his growing sense of dread. He tried the ignition again desperately, but the engine remained stubbornly silent. Glancing back at his footage once more, Lalo noticed the camera had gone dark - no longer capturing the unsettling presence he had witnessed moments ago. A chill ran down his spine as he realized he was now cut off from any potential evidence, stranded in the shadow of the manor.

Lalo's mind raced, trying to decide his next move. Should he attempt to re-enter the house and recover his equipment? Or should he abandon it all and make a run for it, putting as much distance between himself and this cursed place as possible? The thought of those slitted eyes watching him from the darkness made his decision for him.

Abandoning the car, Lalo burst out the door and began sprinting down the overgrown path, his shoes pounding against the packed earth. He dared not look back, focused only on escaping the manor's sinister grasp. As the building faded in the distance, Lalo finally risked a glance over his shoulder, half-expecting to see a shadowy figure in pursuit or some pale tall otherworldly monster run after him.

To his relief, the road behind him was empty. Lalo continued running until he reached the relative safety of the town, his heart pounding in his chest. Once he caught his breath, he quickly called the police to report the strange occurrences at the manor.

The authorities were initially skeptical of Lalo's story, dismissing it as the ramblings of a frightened young man. However, when they searched the manor, they discovered Lalo's abandoned equipment and the footage he had captured. The images on the camera were deeply unsettling - the flickering, disfigured shape in the corner of the room, the unnatural eyes staring directly at the lens.

Spooked by the evidence, the police launched a full investigation into the manor and the strange "Abnormality Syndrome" plaguing the town. They interviewed dozens of witnesses, all recounting similar tales of unexplained phenomena - ghostly whispers and thin, pale figures lurking in the peripherals of their vision.

As the probe deepened, the authorities began to uncover more information about the manor known locally as "Maledictus." The crumbling building had stood for centuries, the site of numerous disappearances, unexplained deaths, and reports of paranormal activity over the decades. It was one of many other strange manors that captured unfortunate victims. Although the evidence was starting to build up, the case was shut down out of nowhere. The police refused to say anything about it and they only had one statement about it.

"It's just a silly story made up by teenagers, you can rest easy."

This was... strange to say the least. The police were doing a full on investigation and seemed so serious but all of a sudden, they're shutting the situation down. Whatever the case may be, Lalo wouldn't let this slide. He racked up the confidence to go back to the manor despite still feeling an immense amount of fear.

Lalo returned to the manor, determined to find answers. As he approached the ominous building, an uneasy feeling crept up his spine. The air seemed heavier, the shadows deeper. Lalo paused at the doorway, steeling himself before stepping inside.

The interior was just as he remembered - dark, dank, and heavy with an oppressive atmosphere. He made his way cautiously through the halls, straining his ears for any hint of the whispers he had heard before.

Reaching the bedroom where he had witnessed the flickering presence and eerie eyes, he set up his equipment once more. He hoped to capture definitive proof that would force the authorities to get back onto the case. Camera rolling, he settled in to wait and observe.

Hours ticked by in tense silence. Just as Lalo was about to give up and leave, a faint sound reached his ears. A low, guttural murmuring. Lalo's heart raced as he strained to make out the words. The whispers grew louder, more insistent, until they seemed to surround him entirely. He yelled out for the noise to stop and so they did. That was a big mistake. He then looked back at his footage and for some reason, it showed footage of him. It was if a camera was directly in front of him and was pointed at his face but there wasn't a camera there at all. He kept looking at the footage and he noticed that there was something in the corner behind him, curled up into a ball.

As he turned around, he could hear faint chewing noises coming from the figure in the corner and as soon as he moved, it turned around and looked at him. Its head was in such a shape that it defied the laws of geometry. Its hair was in irregular patterns and it seemed to be sickly pale and its body as thin as a straw. Lalo was disgusted at the sight of the creature so he turned around to leave and as soon as he did, he heard footsteps. Rushing towards his direction. He dashed off and ran out of the manor, the creature following closely behind him. He managed to get it off his trail and he entered his car. His breath was heavy and he seemed horrified.

He booted up his cameras and the footage was glitching out as if someone or something interfered with it. After 30 seconds, it returned to normal but the point of view was different now. It seemed a camera had been placed outside of his car door and was facing his direction. He turned over to his side but there was no camera, yet there was footage as if a camera was there. He then heard a rumbling noise coming from outside and he heard the car door next to him open. As Lalo turned his head to the side, he saw the creature's gaping maw close in on him and he screamed but it was cut off as his blood splattered against the car window.

It had been 2 weeks after his death and the police eventually managed to find his body. It was found hung up against a wooden fence 2 miles away from the "Maledictus" manor. It was severely maimed and he had several bite marks all over him but even as such, the case was just dismissed as "an unlucky person who came across a Grizzly Bear". No one would ever know.

Page 2 - Comatose[]

10 months after the disappearance of Lalo Smithsburg, a video was broadcasted on all channels. No matter what was playing, whether it be the news or a kids cartoon, it got disrupted by this video in particular. It was called "Abnormality Syndrome: The Guidebook". A narrator then spoke up.

"Hello, everyone! I know, I know, you're probably wondering why your little show got shut down. There is a good reason for that! I'm sure some of you have heard of the famous Abnormality Syndrome. Now, now, don't be afraid but recently... there's been some strange occurrences. We've decided to take matters into our own hands and make a little guide for you! Here we go! Ahem... The Abnormality Syndrome is a term that refers to a strange series of events that are quite specific. What people usually see when they experience Abnormality Syndrome is: Snake Eyes, hearing faint whispers, seeing things that defy the laws of geometry and/or physics amongst many other things. Exposure to these things without seeking any sort of help usually results in heavy psychological damage that pushes a person beyond their own mental capacity and causes them to enter a catatonic state. To help you prevent all of the above, we've gathered information specifically for you folks!"

"Firstly, you need to figure out the specifics. We've already stated them so if you see any of the oddities, then you are likely experiencing the Abnormality Syndrome. You will need to cleanse your house by getting a catholic figure such as a priest to sprinkle holy water around the place and boom, no more oddities! If that doesn't work, then you're likely dealing with a bigger picture. Definitely not as big as my ex-wife though! Secondly, if the first method doesn't work, then you need to start recording the instances you see. Keep a close eye on anything that's strange or abnormal and record as much information as you can. This is very important and can help us identify the source of the problem. Thirdly, you need to keep yourself calm at all times. Avoid anything that could cause you stress or fear. This is crucial as stress and fear can further exacerbate the symptoms of the Abnormality Syndrome. If you find yourself experiencing these emotions, try to take deep breaths and focus on something else to distract yourself. Remember, you've got this! Finally, and most importantly: if none of the above methods work, then you need to seek immediate medical attention. Abnormality Syndrome can lead to serious psychological issues! It's crucial to seek help from a professional who can help you deal with the symptoms and find a solution. Remember, you can even end up in a catatonic state if you leave it untreated for too long! Oh, right, I almost forgot... If it is left untreated for too long, you may start to hallucinate before you either enter a mental breakdown or enter a catatonic state. An example of this is: A human skeleton! Yup, a human skeleton! Or, you may even see a little hamster! You may even see your family members before you go insane. You can see many things, my friend. Just hope that you won't fall victim to the Abnormality Syndrome."

Skeleton Ref


The broadcast then ended and as soon as it did, the narrator groaned. His name was Evan Bosco. He was a relatively tall man, around 6 ft. He had brown hair and green eyes. He seemed to be in his late 40's.

"They don't pay me enough for this hellish stuff... Who even cares about the Not Normal Disease anyways?!"

He was then quickly corrected by his co-worker, Michael.

"Abnormality Syndrome, Mr. Bosco. Listen, we're doing this for the betterment of people, relax."

Bosco groaned and just walked off, an angry look still plastered onto his face. After Evan angrily walked off, his co-worker Michael sighed and began tidying up the studio. He knew Evan was frustrated with having to deliver this message, but Michael believed it was crucial information that needed to be shared.

Just then, one of the studio technicians rushed over to Michael in a panic.

"Michael, you need to see this. The feed from the broadcast, it's still active, even though we cut it off. We're trying to shut it down but nothing's working."

Michael hurried over to the monitor and sure enough, the "Abnormality Syndrome: The Guidebook" broadcast was still playing, even though it should have ended. The eerie, disembodied voice of the narrator continued speaking. Michael was confused but then, the narrator started to speak to him. It sounded like Evan but it wasn't.

"It is quite peculiar... how the human mind works."

Michael was left dumbfounded as the broadcast shut off completely. He looked over to the other workers and they all seemed a bit frightened so they started to pack up and leave. Michael stayed back and finished up putting things back in order. However, he felt heavily uneasy and kept looking behind his shoulder every now and then. He then got ready to leave but in the corner of his eye, something moved.

He spun to the object that moved and it was a phone. Who would leave their phone at the studio? He cautiously approached the phone, his heart racing. As he picked it up, the screen lit up, showing a series of strange symbols and numbers that he didn't recognize. The screen then went dark and all there was is the reflection of him in the darkness of the screen. As he looked closer, he realized that there was a shape behind him but he wasn't quick enough to turn around. He felt cold hands wrap around his neck and he was being lifted up into the air, his airway getting cut off as he was lifted. He struggled and struggled but eventually, he stopped moving.

Bosco walked down the street, smoking a cigarette as he did so. He reminisced on the time he used to play with his wife and kids. It was a sweet moment for him but it wouldn't last long because he noticed someone standing ahead of him that was absolutely still.

"Listen, I don't have time for your scary BS so get out of my way", he said but the figure didn't move. Instead, they slowly approached him but they weren't walking. They were sliding across the floor at an alarming rate. Bosco got startled and started to back away before he picked up his feet and ran away faster than light. The person was slowly gaining on him so he decided to take a turn and ended up sliding down a muddy hill. He landed with a loud thud and struggled to get up.

"Fuck, I cracked my ribs... I gotta get the hell out of here.", he said as he got up. Bosco then walked off and he found himself in the middle of a forested area. He looked around and tried to search for help but there was no one. He staggered through the dense forest, his cracked ribs sending searing pain with every step. The ominous figure that had been pursuing him seemed to have vanished, but a new sense of unease had settled over him.

As he pushed deeper into the woods, Bosco's mind began to play tricks on him. He started seeing flashes of his wife and children - the family he had lost years ago. At first, they were just brief glimpses, but soon they became more and more vivid.

"No, this can't be real..." Bosco muttered, shaking his head in disbelief. He stumbled around and he started to hear whispers and saw snake eyes. He yelled out and begged for the noises to go away and then everything went silent. He slowly turned around and he saw something mind-bending.

There they were, sitting on a fallen log, smiling and waving at him. Bosco's heart raced as he approached them, his eyes welling up with tears. His kids were laughing and his wife was smiling.

" is this possible?" he asked, his voice trembling.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Bosco sat down on the log, his family gathered around him. As they chatted and laughed, the world seemed to slow down, the sounds of the forest fading into the background.

Suddenly, Bosco noticed a strange glow in the sky. He looked up to see the sun, slowly expanding, its fiery tendrils reaching out to engulf the earth. A sense of calm washed over him as he realized the end was near.

"It's time to go." his wife said, taking his hand.

Bosco nodded, a serene smile on his face. The hot fires of the sun slowly moved towards the family and he raised his hands up in front of his face as the flames from the celestial giant engulfed him and his surroundings. The last thing he heard before everything went ablaze was:

"He isn't waking up anytime soon. Keep him jailed up within Cell 435."

Written by Contentual (Nickname)

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