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In modern society, strange creatures roam wherever you can imagine; from abandoned buildings, to mental asylums, to dark forests, houses, and even pieces of scrap paper?

As strange as that might sound, there exists some creatures who house themselves in literal paper waiting for their next victim, one of those creatures has been recently discovered located in a recently purchased house in a neighborhood located in Manchester, Vermont, and it goes by the name… of Ackabrikse (Ahk-ah-breek-say.)

This creature could potentially be the key to unlocking a secret to the origins of this universe, but for now, we must look into where this creature came from.

This information was gathered by the owners of the house in which Ackabrikse was discovered, a married couple who prefer to remain anonymous. I was able to get into contact with these people via email, and they described the events that took place that night. The following report is a summed up version of what they wrote:

One night, while the wife was preparing dinner, the husband went to grab something from the pantry, and ended up finding a piece of paper in the very back of his pantry where no one would ever look. On this piece of paper was a crudely drawn image of some sort of creature. The creature appeared to be long and skinny, with long, thin arms resembling DNA. He had sharp jagged teeth and strange thin tentacles for legs, almost like a long dress. As well as that, there was writing on the page that read, ¨THERE IS NO LIGHT.¨

The husband was obviously confused at this, so he showed the drawing to his wife, who was just as confused as he was. Suddenly, the paper began to shake in the man's hands. The two stepped away from the paper as the paper suddenly began to glow.

The two shielded their eyes from the blinding light, and once the light disappeared, they uncovered their eyes, and gazed upon something far worse than they could have expected.

The creature from the drawing had suddenly escaped from the paper and entered our dimension. The couple was in complete shock as they gazed upon the idle creature, saliva dripping from its sharp jagged teeth. The man backed away from the creature, but the woman was completely frozen in fear. The creature seized this as its chance and lingered towards the motionless, helpless woman.

Even with the man's support, the woman was too much in shock to move a muscle. The creature seized this as its chance as it wrapped its thin arms around the woman and opened its jaw wider. The creature then slowly bit down on the woman's head, leaving a bloody bite mark in the sides of her head.

After this, the man then decided he wasn't gonna let this monster devour the one he loved, so the man then sprinted towards the creature and punched the creature in the eye. The creature let out a horrific screech and dropped the woman onto the linoleum floor. The creature held its face and shrieked in pain.

The man then used this opportunity to help his wife up off the floor, and the two then ran for the hills. As they were doing this, the creature then got up, let out another horrible screech, and slithered after the two.

The man and the woman then ran out the door and down the street before hiding in a nearby apartment building. They could see the creature slither down the street in hot pursuit through one of the windows. The man then whipped out his phone from his pocket and called for emergency services.

Considering that this creature was fairly slow and didn't seem to know where the two were, the man and the woman thought they'd be safe for now.

A few minutes passed, but there was no sign of emergency services anywhere. The creature was still slithering down the street looking through the windows of houses looking for the two. The creature then sniffed the air a tiny bit, and then let out another shriek. The creature then slithered towards the apartment building the man and the woman were hiding in. The two were reasonably sure they were screwed at this point, but right as the creature was about to enter the building, emergency services arrived.

A swarm of police cars and vans, as well as a few paramedics surrounded the creature. The creature let out an even louder shriek, and used its DNA shaped arms to slice through one of the police cars.

The officers then proceeded to fire at the creature with their high tech rifles, but the creature didn't seem to be affected by them. One of the officers then shot the creature with a tranquilizer dart. The creature then let out another horrific screech, clutched its chest, and fell to the floor. The creature had been knocked unconscious from the tranquilizer dart, giving the officers the opportunity to immediately transport the creature into the back of one of the police vans, and transported the creature away, never to be seen by the public again.

Currently, the woman remains in the hospital, healing from her injuries, while the man has taken up therapy to cope with his traumatizing experience. Even with the support of friends and family, the two are still traumatized by the horrific creature that almost killed them.

As for Ackabrikse, he remains locked away in an undisclosed area where the creature is constantly being tested on. From the tests conducted on Ackabrikse, he is capable of a lot of supernatural things, including shape shifting, the ability to phase through certain objects, and much more.

The creature is somewhat capable of speech, so it is regularly interviewed. The people who have been testing Ackabrikse have been gathering a lot of interesting information that could potentially reveal the hidden truth about our universe, but we will save that for another day.

Even with the creature being locked away in a testing chamber, Ackabrikse could escape at any moment, since he is clearly capable of a lot of inhuman things, so if he ever does escape his chamber, be careful who you interact with, because anyone you talk to could very well be him.