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Here no god shall come along; for they cannot listen, they do not pay attention to any prayer, no matter how loud our scream could be uttered.

We will never behold a shadow of freedom anymore.

I write before I go mad. I write before I lose myself in the nothingness, in this eternal void, to be irretrievably forgotten. Blood is my ink, and bare skin is the paper where I warn you about this ultimate misfortune, but I'm afraid this is a battle against time, as usual.

Yes, I should probably skip my backstory and go straight to the point: I guess it will make it feasible for both of us. Yes, this is either going to sound too crude or make no sense whatsoever; whatever the outcome, I beg you to think it through.

Do not believe in God. Do not believe in His Holy Coming, in His mighty angels. But above all, do not believe in His Salvation.

Actually, do not believe in the afterlife...

For there's no heaven, no paradise, no nirvana, no resurrection... In fact, there's no hell, no gehenna, no underworld and whatnot. There's only a sort of limbo: the cul-de-sac where you shall wander on forevermore... In the end, every living creature, whose faith in afterlife burns vividly or fervently, will end up in here. You will be cast aside if you do believe, not saved.

We the living are prone to believe in happy ever afters, we do not want to admit that once we're dead, it is the end, and deep inside, that's our greatest fear. We fear not to meet those who have died in the past, those who we has been raised with, we miss and we are grateful with. We can't abide to come to the end, we do not want to be the bereaved, the mourner, the dying, the forgotten.

But why am I telling you this if there is no chance of getting out of it?

There is a chance, indeed. Exempt are the dead who do not trust Salvation, those who believe extinction is truthful and final. Exempt are those who know and accept the end as the only salvation.

These will be the only ones who are exempt from being hostages.

Believe no more and you shall be spared.

Trust me, sometimes being believer is tantamount to be doomed and damned.

You're warned, so... do you dare to believe?