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When I was a child, I used to stay silent only to hear a sound inside the silence, a sound that I used to listen in my good dreams.

I would describe this sound like the sound of happiness or eternity.

Have you ever notice a specific sound inside the good dreams – like a sound track – something that reflects one’s soul and mind. I cannot say for sure that is the sound of happiness, at least it is for me.

You know it, because the simple mention of it makes you feel it, and you almost can touch it.

But this tale is about a key, and the only way to find this key is listening to this sound.

Do you want an answer for a difficult question? Then, I give you a key inside one’s mind, let’s call it Agamemnon.

Agamemnon is the key that makes the untouchable material, thus allowing you to reach another reality.

To reach Agamemnon you need to feel it, until it becomes part of you, and you be part of Agamemnon.
You will feel it, one strange feeling of oneness, and a feeling of immortality.

But please be advise, Agamemnon will answer you, but there is a price to pay according to the question, you can have nightmares for a week, or sometimes there is nothing to pay.
Agamemnon is the mirror of one’s mind so be prepared to face you true self, and after seen your own face on the deepest mirror of you mind and soul, you will never be the same.
Do not you believe me? So try for yourself.


Remember Kids, Agamemnon it’s a mirror to one's true self, do not be careless.

"See if you can, search if you dare" 03:00, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

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