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I sit up with a jolt, disorientated. If it weren't for the sensation of my eyelids coming together to shield my eyes, I would not be able to determine whether or not they were open. The inky blackness presses in from all angles, suffocating me.

You'd think after all the time I've spent trapped in this murky prison I'd have adjusted. No, it's still quite a shock to be released from the depths of unconsciousness, only to be greeted by an infinite plain of shadows.

I glance around, looking for something, some object from long ago that will reassure me. I need to know some of my old world still remains.


I'm alone.

A white light flashes to the left of my... vision, if it can be called that. I ignore it. I've come to realize that its only purpose is to generate hope of this blanket of soot lifting.

I hear a creak—a door opening.

"Cath, you’d better get up. We’re leaving for Granddad’s house in about an hour. Start getting ready, ok?"

I sigh. "Yeah, alright."

"Oh, and your cane and shades are in the kitchen, near the bird cage."

I sigh again.


(This story is credited to a person called VendettaVixen.)