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Author's note: This is a collection of "Horror Haiku" short poetry about Greek Mythology Monsters & Creatures. There are 5 poems about each creature. The idea behind this is to try guessing the name of each creature before unveiling the final Haiku (hidden by collapsible tag).

Three-headed hound guards,
Entrance to the underworld,
Terror from within.

Beneath the moon's light,
Fiery eyes, sharp teeth, red tongues,
Hound of Hades' realm.

Guarding the abyss,
Three jaws, fangs dripping venom,
Preys on the lost souls.

Three throats bellowing,
Crimson eyes, teeth sharp as knives,
Guarding gates of death.

Hear the beast's loud howls,
Snarls of teeth, and growls of rage,
Cerberus awaits.
Cerberus HorrorHaiku

Fiend of the forest
Gallop through the forest dark
Half-man, half-horse, hunts.

Twisted monster roams,
Human torso and horse's legs,
Tainted, wild, cruel.

Bow and arrow poised,
Hunting prey with speed and force,
Half-man, half-horse stalks.

Terror from the woods,
Gallop of hooves, quick, strong,
Fierce, barbaric horde.

Half-man, half-horse, wild,
Bow and arrow, vicious speed,
Centaur strikes at night.
Centaur2 Haiku

Vortex of dark seas,
Swallows ships and men alive,
Woe to those who stray.

Darkness of the deep,
The maelstrom devours all whole,
Lurks beneath the waves.

Maw of the sea beast,
Lurking beneath the waves' calm,
Woe to sailors brave.

Darkness of the deep,
Whirlpool of death, eternal,
Ocean's horrid queen.

Abyss of the seas,
Sailors tremble at its call,
Charybdis devours.
Charybdis haiku

Goat's head, fiery eyes,
Horns, lion's mane, serpent tail,
Creature born of fire.

Three heads, one body,
Flames of death spew from its mouth,
Hooves strike the ground.

Hybrid of horror,
Part goat, part lion, and snake,
Fire breath, death's embrace.

Oh, unholy beast,
A serpent's hiss, a goat's bleat,
A lion's roar rings.

Horror, beast of myth,
Flames spewing from her nostrils,
Chimera, fear's gift.

A single, great eye,
Infinite darkness within,
Pierces my nightmares.

Mighty club in hand,
Muscles bulge, the ground trembles,
A trail of carnage.

One huge eye glowing,
In the darkness, he awaits,
To crush his prey whole.

Teeth like jagged stones,
Ripping through flesh and sinew,
A single eye gleams.

Massive boulder hands,
Smash everything in his path,
Fear the Cyclops' wrath.


Written by Alparos-Lilah
Content is available under CC BY-SA

Narration: Horror Haiku: Greek Mythology Part 1 (YouTube)