Nobody's really ever noticed me before, in fact, without you, my death wouldn't even be a fleeting thought in most people's minds. I'd always been the quiet one, passively going along with other people, it might seem crazy, but I think you were always there for me. It's always the quiet ones, isn't it?

You. You were my friend, a great person. If only you'd not been taken by them... Ah, yes, them. They'd taken you that fateful day, they pushed you and shoved you, they beat you and threw you into a rut, they degraded you and left you for dead, and then they took you. Now they must pay for their crimes. They were monsters, and they still are, human on the outside, but on the inside, they are more twisted and corrupt than the actions I'm about to take.

When you were still here, you'd tell me not to hurt them, that I was better than this. I'd never even think of doing this until they took you, but they have forced my hand. Without you, I'm alone, I'm not even myself without you, stopping them is the only way to stop myself, it's the only way to save you, but in the end, I fear it may kill you.

I'm so sorry for what I'm about to do. It goes against everything you believe, everything I believe. I have to destroy them, leave nothing left... soon they too will feel my pain, your pain.

Pain. It's the only thing they fear, they cower from it, they whimper, but they don't know the true pain, which is why they fear it the most. To know that, although you stand among people, you're completely alone. They fear what we've felt all along, and yet, they caused us to feel this way.

In the end, I'm saving everything, saving us all, saving you, saving me, destroying us all, destroying me, destroying them, destroying you. I will destroy the ones who called themselves my “friends”, and soon, the sun will rise and shine light on their bloated, rotten, evil selves – they'll be seen for who they are inside, rotten corpses. So I write this letter to you, so you may know that it wasn't your fault, it was mine, and I take responsibility – just understand... I did it for you.

Goodbye, my former self.

Written by AlixeTiir
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