For years there have been rumours of a huge tiger in the forests near a small village in Russia’s Far East. Known as the Amber Widow, she’s estimated to be the largest known Siberian Tiger, but it’s hard to know.

Only a couple of photos are known to exist and two websites, one which contains information to book a permit and travel to her territory, which is almost completely on private land owned by Nikolai Korasinski. The other website was set up a year ago and streams a live video feed from the territory.

Every year, 20-30 people make the journey to her territory. Some only hope to catch a glimpse of her, but most are hunters looking for a challenge. At most, 4 return from their trip having never seen her. Those who don’t return were never found or accounted for until 2 years ago.

A group of three hunters from Granmouth, WI went looking for the Amber Widow. No one is sure if they were hunters or just wanting a glimpse of her. Either way, they did not return home when expected and, the following month, a second group from Granmouth headed to Russia to search for them. They found the bodies in a cave, two near the entrance and the third in a chamber further in.

Autopsy concluded that, although they had been drained of blood, the lack of external injuries suggested death from hypothermia. Not satisfied with the answers, the same group returned to Russia a few months later, determined to find the truth of the legend.

A photo was posted to social media showing the group with a large tiger they claimed to be the Amber Widow, yet they never returned and numerous search teams have never found remains. Experts studied the new photo and estimated the tiger to be a length of almost 12 feet nose to tail, though they were uncertain as to whether it was male or female.

To this day, the website offering permits and travel to the village remains active. Some claim the latest photo to be fake and that no tiger exists in that area. Others say there may well be a tiger in the area, the size exaggerated by Korasinski and the villagers as a money-making scheme. The only part that anyone knows for certain is that hundreds of people have disappeared without a trace in that area while attempting to verify the existence of the Amber Widow.

The live stream was also active until recently and had a number of fans watching day and night for a glimpse of the Amber Widow. Two months ago, two figures were seen running towards the camera before it was knocked out of position, leaving it pointing at a large paw print on the ground. Shortly after, voices were heard and the feed was abruptly cut off. The website remains active and the two people seen running towards the camera have never been identified.

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