I am the Anti-Christ.

If you met me, you would dismiss that statement as absurdity. I am not as I appear.

In fact, one incarnation alone does not properly describe me. This is not my first time walking on this Earth. I am not a person as much as I am an influence. From the moment when I fell to Earth from the Heavens, I have walked amongst your brothers and sisters. I have been of every color, creed, and nationality that your peculiar species has identified with to separate yourselves from one another. I have been peasants, I have been kings. I have been persecutors, I have been martyrs. Throughout all of your history, I was there, occasionally guiding the world closer to its demise, and all of you were none the wiser.

My purpose is simple. Some may call it childish, in fact. If I can not return to the Heavens as God, I am going to do everything I can to stop anyone else from entering. If I had my way, each and every one of you would descend with my army and I into the depths of Hell, come the day of reckoning. But, I have a plan.

Your Father has made you a promise, a glimpse of the future surrounding the times when he will judge the living and the dead, when he will divide your kind into those to be damned with me and those to ascend to the Heavens with him. But, what if your Father can not fulfill that promise?

There have been circumstances laid out for that day, assumptions made by your Father about what I will do. In order to nullify his promise, all I must do is prevent his prophecies from being fulfilled. When I reign, I won't claim to be Christ. When I reign, my vessel won't be blue-eyed. When I reign, I will be the only one to know. The only action I must take to ruin this scheme is nonaction. Humanity needs not my assistance in damning itself. Even now, my existence itself is being questioned.

I am the Anti-Christ, and my plan has worked.

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