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The kitchen was dark. So was John's intentions. A tear ran down his cheek as he looked at a photo of him, his best friend, and brother, in which both were killed by a hitman.

They were owners of a company who refused to help a smaller business. The smaller business could have blown up if it wasn’t for John’s brother and best friend. So the smaller business owner enacted revenge as his dream fell. They were friends, John’s best friend, who’s name was Marc. The smaller business owner, who’s name was Garret. See, Marc and Garret were best friends for years, until a year before their murder. They got rid of Garret out of their lives and rejected him. He felt alone as Marc and John's brother, who’s name was Jason, abandoned him. So he collapsed.

Garret enacted revenge to take both Jasons and Marcs life. John was sad when he heard what happened. Garret hired a hitman, but got off as not guilty as there was no evidence supporting that. Only a single witness. That witness was John’s girlfriend, who immediately told Garret off, in which he kidnapped her a week after he was found not guilty. She was only found dead a week later, with acidic elements found on her skin, showing he poured a sort of weak acid on her.

John knew his plan. Garret was staying home the next day. He was going to kill him and get rid of all evidence. John was going through his plan one more time before going to sleep and setting it all up the next day. He went through his plan. Checked everything, so he headed off to bed.

He was asleep, until he heard a thud in his basement. He grabbed his flashlight and his bat and headed down to the basement. It smelled odd to him. He started to feel dizzy and then he heard a voice. It was deep and the only thing it said was “Hello”.

He yelled over and over

“Who’s there?”

No response. Until he heard

“So, I heard you're making a plan.” It was a deep and raspy voice coming from behind him.

He looked back and it was a tall and slender shadowy like figure.

He asked in a scared voice

“Who are you?”.

“I am what you call grudge and obsession. I take over both feelings and put it one. That’s what I am. I see your enacting revenge, in a way that is what I am.”

He backed up into a corner, shivering and scared, stuttering a question.

“Are you not going to spit out what you say? Or am I going to have to get straight to the point and..” His wrist spit out a blade. “End it for you?”

John asked why he was here, and the beast replied

“Because, I have to stop your plan on murder, your obsessing over one thing. You won’t let go, and it’s going to kill you.”

John explained how he was careful with his plan, he planned it out and there’s no way he can fail.

“NONSENSE” the beast yelled. “I know what’s to come, you don’t. You can’t stand in the way of something that’s bound to happen.” The beast told him.

“John..” the thing mumbled, went up to his face and smiled, showing bloody and crooked teeth.

He had a disfigured face. John asked who he really is. The beast replied

“I am what lies down below, or what it’s really called Anti-Mensch. I am the lord of that land. You cling onto your plan and what happened to Marc and Jason. You can’t do that, or you are bound to visit me. Permanently.So it’s either forget your plan, move on and tell no one of this interaction…”

A serrated and scratched blade came out of its wrist.

“Or I end it here” the beast said while smiling.

“Forget it. I don’t want to see you again” John told the beast. The beast vanished, and John sat there, paralyzed questioning what happened. He slowly fell asleep.

John awoke, thinking it was a dream. He went upstairs, checked the clock, and it was time, 11:30. He grabbed a bag with a knife, gloves, suit, and a towel. He drove over to Garret’s house and unlocked the door using a key under a potted plant. He opened the door slowly, and there he was. Garret sleeping on the couch. He went up to him, put gloves on and took the knife. He stabbed Garret in the throat, and saw his eyes open as he did it. Garret looked at him with his eyes wide open as John held the knife in his throat.

The door opened.

It was Garret’s wife. She screamed and ran out the door back to her car. She quickly drove off towards the police station. John panicked and let go of the knife. He took his bag and went back to his car. On his way out the door he saw the tall and deformed beast.

“What did you promise me?”

John was speechless. He stood there paralyzed.

“See, I told you it would go wrong. Now she knows who did it, and just because you broke a promise, I’m going to keep mine.”

The blade came out his hand.

“I told you, and now….”

He held the blade to John’s neck as he was begging to stop.

“It’s over”

“You can’t seem to let go, can you? It’s the opposite of a cliff. See, if you let go, you die. But in this instance, if you don’t, you're going to break down. Your time will decrease little by little, then boom. You're dead.”