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The boy watched, disgusted, as the killer tied his victim to a chair.

“Please, no,” the victim begged. “God have mercy. I’m begging you.”

The killer chuckled and whipped out his knife. “There is no god here,” the killer replied. “Only ME.”

Then the fun began. The killer cut open the victim piece by piece, slicing apart his arms and legs. The boy had to look away as the victim screamed, thrashing to escape his restraints.

“Look at this, boy!” the killer ordered. “Look at this! Look! We wouldn’t want you to miss anything.”

The boy forced himself to watch as the killer chopped off one of the victim’s arms. The victim screeched in agony. “Please, God have mercy! No more! No more! I’m begging you!” the victim said.

The killer laughed. “Oh, is that what you think? We’re only getting started, punk!”

The boy watched in shock as the killer reached inside the victim’s mouth and sliced off his tongue. The victim’s head bobbed up and down as he tried to scream, but all he could do was spit out blood. The killer’s eyes opened wide with glee as his victim’s blood splattered all over him.

The killer reached down and cut open the victim’s stomach. He pulled out the man’s intestines and handed them to the boy. The boy held them, unable to believe his eyes. This was completely over the top. Even for the killer, this was over the top.

The killer wrapped an arm around the victim’s neck and choked him, then stabbed him multiple times in the chest. The man finally went limp. But it wasn’t over yet.

Over the next hour, the killer delicately cut off the man’s skin, gouged out his eyes, and cut off his legs and remaining arms. He handed them all to the boy, who despondently strewed them around the room. By now, the floor and many of the walls were drenched in blood.

The killer pulled a bone out of one of the man’s arms, then tossed it aside. He dropped the arm at his feet. “There we go,” the blood-drenched killer said, dusting off his hands. “All set. Ready to go, my boy?”

The killer paused when he saw the boy shivering. “There, there, boy,” the killer said, putting a hand on his shoulder. The boy didn’t flinch away. “You knew being apprenticed to a killer would be hard. You knew the risks. But look how far you’ve come! I swear, I thought you’d give up on the first day. But now look where we are. I’m proud of you.”

“We didn’t have to butcher him,” the boy whimpered. “You could have just slit his throat. Like you did with the two cops.”

The killer sighed. “Look, boy, it was you who wished death on this man, not me. And when we make wishes, we have to follow through with them. There’s no other way.”

The boy looked at his feet.

The killer patted him on the back. “Let’s go, boy. Before his family gets home.”

The killer left the basement. The boy gave the victim one last look, then followed his master out of the room, leaving the murder scene behind.