Argbáktu: Pagan God of Treachery

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Painting of Argbáktu

Before the birth of Christianity and other major religions, people believed in multiple gods and other deities. Most people call this belief Paganism. Paganism was believed to be most practiced in Ancient Babylon times. People would travel miles to get to locations of where they could worship the Pagan deities and even sacrifice to them.

One of the most unknown Pagan Deity of all is Argbáktu. Argbáktu is the god of treachery, with the little information there is on Argbáktu it is said that the way people worshiped him was by sacrificing one of their family members. The sacrifice couldn’t be a ritual sacrifice it had to be more of a murder or betrayal, you could say.

People would lead their unsuspecting family members to their deaths in the name of Argbáktu and in return they would get one wish. The wish could be anything they desired, but it is said that the wish they asked for they would not receive. Instead the person that asked for the wish would get the complete opposite.

Examples are like if a person asked for immortality they would immediately die, or if a person asked for wealth they would become poor. It was Argbáktu’s way of repaying treachery with treachery. Other information says that Argbáktu could possess people and force them to commit treachery. Some even speculate that he influenced world events such as Hitler betraying Stalin or Brutus killing Julius Caesar and the weirdest one of them all is that he possessed Judas to betray Jesus. Just watch yourself out there or you might be the next victim of treachery…

Written by Matt9196
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