One minute, I was flying free through the air.

The next, I came crashing down into cold, unforgiving concrete.

As I lay dying, I tried to move my now useless appendages, but all that came out was a pathetic twitching. Panic and pain was my world. In the distance, the mountains I watched began to turn, turn in the snow.

I could feel my heart race as this thing, this titan turned around and stared down at me through its immensely black hood. I could feel its gaze meet mine somehow, through that emptiness, as it leaned in towards me.

Suddenly, the prospect of dying didn't seem so bad.

A familiar sense of longing and comfortability began to wash over me as my mind faded to nothing...

As I watched the bird die, its little wings flapping, I felt tears stream down my face.

"Oh no, oh just sleep little one, I'm so sorry, so sorry..."

What was I apologizing for? I didn't do this.

And it occurred to me how much I must have looked like death to this little creature, with my large hood blackening my face and my large, slender-fingered hand coming towards it, ready to embrace it and pull it towards its ultimate end, and I thought about how it may have seen the countless stars reflected in that great endless pool, somewhat like eyes...

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