No puppeteer
Do you have a friend, or a family member ever done something completely out of character? Have you had multiple impulses that you acted on or came close to indulging in? Chances are, you could be under someone else’s control. But under whose control might you be? None other than The Puppeteer.

The Puppeteer tracks his victims over a period of time, slowly taking over the victim's mind and gaining control over them. The process occurs in stages, and each has their own symptoms:

Stage 1: The victim begins to experience a difference in thought process. For instance, the victim might resolve to make a change in their life. These are typically beneficial to the subject, with change being seen as something positive or at least in form of something philanthropic in nature.

Stage 2: The victim starts doing this suddenly and having outbursts or having moments of acting completely out of character.

Stage 3: At this point, victims have been noted to act out of character for longer periods of time, Have sudden periods of confusion, and forgetfulness. Paranoia may sometimes also be a symptom.

Stage 4: Victims who are in stage 4 act as if they are a completely different person, or have a complete personality change. They still are forgetful, but even worse so than those in stage 3. They are also said to claim to be a better person.

The process usually takes a time span of three to five weeks. The process can be hindered and sometimes stopped, but the ability to do so is lost once the victim reaches stage 3.

Even if the process is hindered or stopped, The Puppeteer usually returns and tries again to take control again or causes intense nightmares to those involved in the interruption.

Though, that won’t happen. You’ll all become my puppets.

I will add you to my collection.

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