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I always had weird dreams, but on some occasions, they will come true in the most horrifying way imaginable.

This was earlier this year, shortly after the New Year, and I was struggling to find work. I had been offered a temporary position at some tax office, but many people said it was the most boring position.

As I was getting ready to start this new job, I was sound asleep one night, and it was a good sleep, at least for the time being.

It was a bright day and my family and I had arrived at some amusement park/movie theater. We paid for our entry and we were allowed to roam freely in this place. I came across movie posters that were pretty colorful, but they had the most unusual names for movies. While wandering around, I could hear the intercom blaring with happy music, one had lyrics that said, "You can feel the magic in the air."

Someone approached me and asked, "Would you like to see this up-and-coming attraction?" He must be working for the theater and he showed me in to one room.

I sat in one seat and the screen featured something that I will never forget. What first appeared was a model city, but it was some effect, (like one of those earlier movies that featured model cities instead of using a helicopter to take shots in from above), and people were walking and cars were going about.

Then, as I recall, someone said, "This city was doomed from the start." Then this mud appeared out of nowhere, swallowing people, cars, and even a baby in a car seat. The mud also toppled the model city and once it dried out, the buildings crumbled like a dry cracker.

The title appeared: "Barber's Bog."

I awoke with a start. It was just a dream.

1 Week Later

I was deeply shaken as I watched the breaking news report. Heavy rains had triggered mudslides in California. Now, I live thousands of miles away from California, but the dream came to my mind. What shocked me even more was that a town in California was named Barber.

As I started my job that week, I kept asking myself, "Was it a premonition or just a coincidence?"