I've seen you before, but never this close. I always thought you were pretty, but now I see how truly beautiful you are. Your skin is so smooth and pale, your long hair shining in the light of the room. I have never been this close to a lovelier woman than you.

We've never spoken, but I've heard your voice. We don't have to talk to each other now. I long to be inside of you, beautiful girl. I want to feel your warmth, touch you... I need to explore your fascinating body. My desire to express my passion is overwhelming! I must wait just a few more minutes...

Let me say this, my dear, you are my first. I'm not nervous though, I'm very confident in my abilities. I gaze at you as you lay limp, your eyes closed... the lights dim, and all is silent...

"Alright, let's get started," said the pathologist. At last, I can fulfill my desire, having just graduated from school. I majored in forensics, and finally I get to assist in a criminal autopsy.

Who killed you, beautiful young woman? What did they do to you? I've seen you around my own college campus, and you have no idea how surprised I was to find you here on this cold, steel table. You're still beautiful, even in death.

I was handed a scalpel and at last was given permission to journey inside of you.

Poor girl had been poisoned.

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