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Robert was always afraid of the paranormal (and a long-time reader of Creepypasta), so it was no surprise that he would never walk under ladders, step on cracks, or do anything which supposedly invokes some sort of ill omen. However, for such a superstitious being, he payed no heed to lucky charms or superstitions which were supposed to invoke good luck; it was because of this that he would never understand how lucky he was to be able to turn his head.

He was shocked to one day find a note on his wall which read ''LOOK BEHIND YOU.''

Being superstitious as he was, Robert spent the rest of the day staring at that note, unmoving, thinking to himself, “What happens if I turn around? Will it kill me? Will it be the most hideous thing I've ever seen?” the question plagued him for about 18 hours, until he fell asleep.

In the morning, Robert awoke in his bed, remembering the note, and thinking it was a dream. An hour later, Robert was getting ready for work. He was horrified when a mutilated corpse, leaking puss and crawling with maggots, dropped out of his closet when he was trying to get a tie. Remembering the warning in what he now believed was not a dream, he didn't look behind himself.

He was declared dead in the hospital 6 hours later, rushed there by EMTs when the local hospital received a mysterious call from the someone who was presumed to be the person who fatally wounded Robert. Inscribed on Robert's gravestone are the same words said by that caller: “He died because he didn't look behind him."

Written by AlixeTiir
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