After a week of work-related stress and family affairs, I had finally been able to get some sleep. Wandering back into my suite-style apartment, I moseyed through my kitchen and den into my bedroom, where I could finally get some sleep. I closed my eyes, and finally enjoyed the wonders of REM.
Broken window of refuge


The sound of glass breaking bolted me out of my sleep. Shit! My apartment is getting robbed! I sat in my bed too terrified to move. All I could do was to listen for any other sounds.


A soft sound – as if something soft was thrown onto a solid surface – was all I heard. I continued to sit upright and waited for any other noises the intruder would make. After a few minutes that felt like hours, I heard no other sound. I grabbed a baseball bat from the closet and walked cautiously over to the adjacent room – the den/kitchen. I could hardly open the door to that room; my hand was shaking so much.

I walked in, turned on the lights, and threw up on the spot – lying on the coffee table in the middle of the den was a very young girl. She couldn’t have been any older than six. She was stabbed in the heart by a wooden cross, and her eyes were gouged out and placed next to her defiled corpse. It was worse than The Twilight Zone, it was total Hell.

In front of the coffee table was a typewritten note:

Behold thy daughter.

My… daughter? I didn’t have a daughter. What does this person want?!

Other than the terrifying sight, the only other thing changed in the experience was the window. The glass was broken – this must have been the way the intruder got in and out of the room, and considering I live on the first floor of my apartment building, this seemed perfectly plauible. I managed to get over to the window and look outside for any sight of this person(?), but I saw something more horrifying:

The glass shards from the broken window were outside, meaning that the glass was broken from inside my apartment.

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