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Brother: Tick tock. Tick tock. Time goes by.
Sister: Tick tock. Tick tock. Close your eyes.

Brother: Now sister dear, you've made a mess.
Sister: What's that you say? It's on my dress?

Brother: Your dress was white, and now it's red.
Sister: It's not my fault... they bled, and bled.

Brother: Well sister dear, that's half the fun!
Sister: And now our night has just begun.

Brother: We'll tie their hands.
Sister: And sew their lips.

Brother: We'll poke and slice their fingertips~
Sister: Take out their eyes.

Brother: And hear them scream!
Sister: Against their throats our knives will gleam~

Brother: I hear them crying from the hall.
Sister: No one will ever heed their call.

Brother: They have no hope, and that's the fun!
Sister: Until we kill them, one by one. *giggle*

Brother: But sister, wait! We mustn't rush!
Sister: We wouldn't want their veins to gush.

Brother: We want to play with them much longer.
Sister: We'll keep them fed, to make them stronger.

Brother: Feed them bones, and hair, and nails.
Sister: We'll harvest from them all in pails.

Brother: We'll save it up and make a stew.
Sister: I guess, for now, they'll make it through.

Brother: Now sister dear, it's worth the wait!
Sister: To see the anguish on their face...

Brother: To see them gag through sewn up faces.
Sister: To bind them up with ties and laces.

Brother: To cut their limbs off, one by one.
Sister: To hear their screams is so much fun!

Brother: To hear them cry for all their friends!
Sister: To hear them beg for life to end.

Brother: To hear them mumble to themselves.
Sister: To keep their organs on the shelves.

Brother: To mock them all, in their despair.
Sister: To rip out pieces of their hair.

Brother: To dip their wounds in burning bleach.
Sister: To keep salvation out of reach.

Brother: I'll cut their eyelids off and laugh.
Sister: I'll give each one an acid bath.

Brother: Rip off their fingernails and grin.
Sister: Then stab their eyeballs with a pin.

Brother: Cut them up and watch them suffer!
Sister: What are we waiting for, dear brother!?

Brother: We haven't any time to waste!
Sister: Now to the cellar, with much haste!

Sister: Aww, look here, brother, this one's dead.
Brother: Well cut her up and save the head.

Sister: We'll use her parts for stew we're making.
Brother: We'll use her blood for all our baking.

Sister: We'll feed her eyeballs to her friend.
Brother: We'll feed her brother bits of skin.

Sister: We'll cut it special, just for him.
Brother: We'll let him know it's from his sister.

Sister: Then we'll ask how much he missed her.
Brother: We'll watch him try to force some tears.

Sister: And watch him squirm in pain.
Brother: He's been down here for many years.

Sister: So tears are all in vain.
Brother: Alas dear sister, the time has come.

Sister: At last, the sun has set.
Brother: It's time to get our harvest done.

Sister: It's time to greet our guests.
Brother: I hear them knocking, at the door!

Sister: I hear the laughs again.
Brother: Time to let them in, once more.

Sister: And let our game begin.

Written by MissShadowLovely
Content is available under CC BY-SA

Part 1 of the "Brother Dear, Sister Dear" Series