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It should be noted that this is a common urban legend that has been passed around for decades. Someone decided to introduce it to the internet.


A young man and his new bride were honeymooning in Paris. They were having a wonderful time when she decided to see if he truly loved her. She asked him if he would love her even if she wasn't beautiful, he told her he would.

So she slowly started removing her make up revealing a birthmark on her face. He really loved her but he was shocked when he saw it. After seeing his expression she left and didn't return. With time the man began to fear the worst and went to the police. The police thought it was most likely that the girl simply had second thoughts about the marriage, but they checked out anyway and found no evidence of foul play.

As weeks turned into months the man finally gave up on finding his beautiful wife, and his life fell into a shambles, he was so filled with grief.

Unable to hold a job or go on with his life, he took to wandering the world looking for anything that might ease his pain. Years later in Borneo he came upon a freak show in an old shabby building. He went in on a whim. In the last filthy cage he saw a twisted, scarred and mutilated woman rocking back and forth and groaning strange animal-like noises. He screamed as he recognized the birthmark on his wife's face.