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My name is Tristan. I saw something horrifying that I can’t unsee. It was during a camping trip, and I went with my family. It was quite a long drive, but after a couple of hours we arrived at the Oakland National Park. We went up to the entrance and the man at the stand told us to keep all of our safety procedures, because something has been causing much of a disturbance throughout the area. Me and my sister thought that this was some sort of sick joke and we set up camp with my family. After we had lunch we went on a hike to see how high we could get on the mountains that were near where we set up our tent. On the trail, there were some weird carvings. Almost looking like some sort of language that was foreign. Everyone agreed that the carving must have been some teenagers messing around with people.

Surprisingly, we made it all the way to the top of the mountain, where we saw the observation tower. I started to film for the rest of the day with the camera I brought to the park. The man observing the park let us in his tower and my parents had a chat with him. Of course, I got extremely bored until I noticed something. On the corkboard on the wall, there was a piece of paper with a drawing on it. It was super crude but it looked like a creature next to a small boy. The boy’s face looked of sadness, and the creature only had big gleaming eyes and a big hunched over body. I asked my sister what she made of it, and she said that we needed to leave. I took the picture and the chat abruptly ended with my sister begging to get back to the tent. We go down the mountain and get back to the tent.

We arrived at the tent and to our eyes, half of our food was missing and the tent was flipped over. We could hardly even recognize the tent anymore. The tent was ripped on one side by what looked like claws. Right above the tent was a trash bag filled with something. I took a stick and poked the bag. As I poked it, the stick broke through the bag and blood spilled out of it onto the tent. After the bag was drained of the blood, my family started arguing of how outrageous this is, while my sister kept looking around frantically.

I tried to break up my parent’s argument and asked my sister for help. I turned around to find my sister to not be there. I suspected that she was in the cave nearby, because I saw footprints in the dirt that led into it.


As I went inside of the cave, all I heard was crying from my sister. She was sitting in the corner under a group of stalactites. I asked her what was wrong but she kept pushing me away. Her crying got louder as I felt a cold, chilling breath on my neck. Then I slowly turned around to see the hunched over creature from the drawing. I filmed the creature as I backed up in the same corner as my sister. The creature kept whispering the word Black Beast. I started to scream and my camera began to distort and get fuzzy. The creature slashed his claw at the camera and the camera fell on the floor. I ran out of the cave successfully and I took the camera with me. My parents were already running with me to the car and we drove off faster than we could imagine. My sister’s body was found a week later in the cave. This image below is the only thing that was on the camera that was intact.

I am never coming back there again.